[INFOGRAPHICS] Loss and Recovery of Data in iPhone


An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services

Some of the major causes of data loss in iPhone include;

  • Virus attack which attributes 5%.
  • Breakage of the iPhone or due to water damage, which contributes to 20%.
  • Theft or loss of the iPhone, attributing to 15%.
  • Deleting the data accidentally, this is mainly 35%.
  • Restoration of the iPhone to factory settings without creating any backup leads to 10% loss.
  • Failure of the IOS to upgrade costing 15% of the loss.

The most common file types which get lost include;

  • Text messages at 17%.
  • IMessages at 10%.
  • Photos and videos leading at 20%.
  • Contacts at 19%.
  • Notes at 8%.
  • Call history at 10%.
  • Calendar events at 7% and
  • WhatsApp messages at 9%.

Means of securing phones by smartphone users

The percentage indicates the number of users who use the means indicated.

  • 34% do not apply any security measures.
  • 36% have screen locks composed of a pin with four digits.
  • 29%have backed up their phone data in computers or cloud.
  • 22% of the users have installed apps which aids in locating the phone.
  • 14% users have secured their phones by installing antivirus applications, which prevents data loss through virus attack.
  • 11% secure the loss of data in their phones by setting PINs which are more than four digits, creating unlock patterns or setting secret passwords.
  • 8% of smartphone users secure their phones by installing applications which have the ability of wiping out their data in case the phone is lost or stolen.
  • 7% of smartphone users have gone ahead to secure their phones by utilizing secure features in their phones, besides having screen lock. Among the features is encryption, which they use to encrypt their data.

Three means of recovering Data in iPhone

  1. Data recovery from iPhone

If you had not created some backup previously, you should seek help from data recovery software. The recovery software has the ability of recovering data from iPhone itself.  Although there is no guarantee if all softwares will function as expected, EaseUS Mobisaver is certain in recovery.

  1. Recovery from iCloud Backup

If your iPhone is backed up on iCloud, it is easier to restore deleted data by restoring the backup.  However, the auto-synch option in iTunes should be enabled.

  1. Recovery from iTunes Backup

The best method is connecting your iPhone to your computer or laptop.  Run your iTunes, choose iPhone and restore backup option.  All data will be restored.

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