Know how Nokia Turns to Android for New Mobile Range

After a brief break, Nokia is planning to restart its push to join the tablet and smartphone market. HMD will, however, not be using the Symbian or Windows Operating System for its new phones. Nokia has something else in mind; they realize that Android has a huge hold on the global market. As a result, they plan to cash in on this global market.

How it will work?

For this deal, HMD will be in charge of the production of these phones. The company plans to produce phones and tablets. HMD now owns the Nokia branding rights, and they do not plan to let them go to waste. However, these deal could take quite a while to implement. The company just concluded the branding rights to the phones with Microsoft. Under the deal, HMD will also be allowed to use some design features that are unique to the Nokia brand. To support their business plan, the company will invest more than US $500 million over a period of three years. This money will come from its investors and sales of the phones they make.

The Details

The marriage of Microsoft and Nokia is apparently set to end in the second half of 2016. It will allow the company to begin mass producing their new phones. According to fusecrunch technology, members of the board from Nokia will also make up part of the director’s lineup at MMD. It means that some people from Nokia, who had hung up their boots could get a chance to make a comeback.

In this deal, HMD will get all the rights to control the sale, distribution, and marketing of all new Nokia phones. The company will also get exclusive access to the FIH global marketing network to be acquired by Microsoft. Also, the HMD Company will have access to the engineering capabilities of FIH and its device manufacturing capabilities. With the company having recently acquired Withings, this will also give it capabilities to produce wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Will it work?

The main issues skeptics are if the company has enough brand recognition to create a niche. However, some like glozine world news think that Nokia is well known enough to gain favor in the consumer market. However, the company has been away for a while, and most people who knew the brand well are a bit old. The company needs to invest in some serious advertising. It will also have to ensure the launch of the phone is strong. This will give that final push to make sure it survives well into the future.

The challenges to Nokia will mostly come from Apple, especially in Western markets. Besides that, Samsung offers a huge challenge in these markets. Other competitors such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Vivo are also coming up with some tough competition. One reason Nokia needs to be wary is that even respected brands have been unable to hold on. For instance, Sony and LG are just barely hanging on. Also, other brands like BlackBerry and Motorola have found the going quite tough.

What will be their first phone?

Nokia has not given any details on what kind of phone it will produce. However, there is enough evidence to suggest the company will call it the C1. However, the C1 is not the only phone Nokia is working on. They also want to produce a mid-range phone called the A1. The details for this are still quite sketchy. Some claim that the phone would be similar to the C1 but run on the Z launcher. It is a unique launcher created by Nokia from scratch. It is the same as the launcher currently in use in Nokia N1 Tablets.

Some images of the new device Nokia plans to launch, have leaked. However, no one is sure how accurate these pictures are. The phone is slender and appears to be a bit similar to the latest iPhone. It seems Nokia is trying to stay with the winning team.

Some leaked information suggests that Nokia will produce two variants of the new C1. The phones will be of a different size and share most features. However, they will also have differences in RAM, storage, and camera specifications. According to experts, the new phone could come in 5.5 inches and 5 inches respectively. Both of these phones will have Full HD screen.


This latest push by Nokia is quite welcome. Many people share a personal connection with the brand; they will appreciate the company’s reemergence. Although these phones will be Android based, you can expect a unique Nokia User Interface.


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