Leaked: HTC M8 Specifications

htc m8 specifications

Leaked: HTC M8 Specifications

We’ve been discussing about the HTC M8 since summers of 2013. It was the time, when the device was recognized as HTC’s flagship successor release for HTC One (M7 in particular). Since that time, there have been many tweaks, updates and handset feature leaking made for the device.  However, here we are majorly concerned with new released M8 benchmark results. Reports suggested that HTC M8 has clocked up an exciting An TuTu score of 36000. A deeper investigation done by the creators of An TuTu revealed that it is the marvellous Snapdragon 800 chip work. Well, thanks the An Tu TU team, the HTC M8 comes with well-specified feature line.

Specs of M8

The feature line up comprises of Android 4.4 KitKat, RAM of 2G, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974AB chip along with on-board storage of 16GB, Adreno 330 Graphics processor and a well-developed 1080p full HD display. The processor has been clocked at 2265MHz which is quite fast. Running on the latest Android operating system will add more alluring features to the phablet. The device features camera of 4MP on the rear side and 2.1MP on the front side. While there is no particular mention of Ultrapixel technology of HTC, the device has been rated as the same when compared with HTC One, along with the similar packing of Optical Image Stabilisation.

Though it wasn’t much appreciated by the analysts as they thought that it would generate better results or rather would be associated with higher MP rating of 8MP. However, the HTC implementation of the grandly marked Snapdragon chip looks like a great boost in the all-round development of the performance of M8, if An TuTuaar continue to increase.

Though the phone is still months away from its release, but the leaked specs of M8 continue to make news amongst its fanatics. The device recently appeared on the AnTuTu benchmarking sheet, detailing the features of what’s more like the prototype version of the newly released phone. Though much of the specs are similar to HTC One, but the new M8 comes with an upgraded processor. While the M7 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, the HTC M8 comes with Snapdragon 800. The enhanced processor and graphic processor make HTC M8 much quicker than (M8) HTC One. The phone bests the present flagship series in the An TuTu tests benchmarks. The M8 has displayed some amazing results in multi-tasking results and 3D graphics tests where it exceeds the HTC One performance.

htc m8 specifications

Release of M8

While the other phones are not using Snapdragon 800 CPU, there’s quite a chance that HTC M8 will not be as exciting and impressive as expected till its spring 2014 release, but till that time there will be many more smartphones in the market with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU. Thus, the HTC possible successor, to be released under the name of HTC M8 will feature the above mentioned specs. Though none of the specs have been confirmed till now, but handset could surely be expected to include the new Android Operating System, KitKat.

The few leaked images of the M8 on the internet, reveal a lot about the look of the device. The leaked pictures display blue tone images of the alleged M8 smartphone which looks much like its predecessor M7. The device will feature a complete metal body along with the sides, just like the HTC One. The rear panel of the HTC M8 is seen to feature the Beats Audio logo at the end, depicting that the device will surely come with a Beats audio spec. VR Zone further revealed that the device will also feature Sense 6.0 User Interface. The site anticipated that the device will release at the MWC in 2014.

Though little predictable, but you cannot know all the specs of the phone just by predicting. What raises the curiosity bar of the device is the model number. The device has been renamed as oP6B120, but we still not sure whether it is just pre-production name or there’s more that can be added to it.

While everything regarding the hardware has been expected and anticipated, but nothing till now has been revealed about the inbuilt applications and features used. The battery is expected to be more powerful than the HTC One to offer better standby, talktime and web surfing facility to the users.

The mysterious device M8 scored 36532 on the An TuTu Score card and stood as a grand rival to the LG G2 as well as Sony Xperia Z1. With a score of this kind, the device could be the mightiest amongst its contemporaries. Rumors suggest that the early release of the 2014 will allow the gadget to run on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. However, nothing has been confirmed till now.


Nothing has been revealed about the price of the gadget and the company is most likely to release its price details just before the launch of the device. For all those who are looking for a lightning fast speed phone with amazing multi-tasking feature, this is the best device to own. HTC M8 is in the news months before its release, however, the HTC aficionados are impatiently waiting for the release. People are dying to know the features and the price of the phone. However, with the AnTuTu benchmark listing, one thing has been made sure that the phone will win over its contemporaries with regards to exciting features and mighty processor.

Thus, the fanatics have just a few months to wait for the amazing release of the HTC M8. For a better update on the phone and to know more about its features, you need to wait for the updates official released by the company. HTC is working very hard to leave its mark on the people with a dynamic release. Right now, all you got to do is to wait for the release of the phone. So, keep an eye on the release of the specs of M8 to know in detail about the device.

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