Never-ending battle: Laptop vs Desktop

Laptop vs Desktop: The ultimate question of which gaming rig is better to buy

Although for a long while it was better to invest into desktops as they were superior to their laptop counterparts, things are slowly shifting the other way. Laptops are far from reaching their full potential, but they have already reached a stage where they are already equivalent to, if not better than desktops. When deciding on buying a new gaming machine, make sure that you take all the important factors into consideration, and that you let go of the olden beliefs that only desktop gaming rigs are worth the investment and effort.

laptop vs desktop

Can you have enough storage in both machines?

Newer laptop models are already built with super storage capacities, thanks to the new generation of handling storage. Always consider the difference between an SSD and a regular HDD, so that you know exactly what you will have in your machine. Using SSD and hybrid versions of it will enable speeds and quick file access in your new laptop that could put gaming desktops to shame. Furthermore, you will be able to load all your important applications, and games, almost instantly making gaming time a pleasant experience.

Built for performance and for long-lasting durability

Perhaps the best thing about gaming laptops is that they were designed to withstand all kinds of gaming torture you can imagine: working for long hours under full load, high temperatures and even getting a lot more out of their performance. Moreover, a good laptop setup for gaming will offer even more and it will not even flinch when it comes to more demanding tasks, but as it is with any gaming rig, try not to overload it, as that never ends well, rather try to keep everything within reasonable limits and boundaries.

laptop vs desktop

The pros and cons of laptops

Whenever trying to decide whether it is a good idea to buy a laptop or not, always consider the good and bad sides of it, and you will find that extended battery life and portability are a big bonus to your gaming rig. It will be very useful when there are major LAN parties being held, and you do not have to worry about bringing all your equipment and cables with you, just to have fun.

Useful accessories

Not only do you get a great gaming setup with a good laptop, but you can also get a number of very useful accessories to make your gaming experience even better. Moreover, most of the things included in your laptop will enable a lot of extra features as well, and you get all of that without any extra investment. The future of laptops holds even more upgrades for gaming to make it a better experience.

The conclusion is…

All things considered and taken into account, it can be concluded that laptops designed for gaming are becoming a rather good choice, even when thinking in long-term. The mobility and performance it offers is great for any gamer, as you will be able to play anywhere, anytime and virtually anything. But make sure to look out for upgrades and improvements, as with new technology it is becoming easier to swap out certain modules in laptops, or even to insert new ones to make gaming even more interesting and fun.

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