Not all iOS 7 features will be coming to older iDevices

The new iOS 7 came with several features like the new iTunes radios, AirDrop cloud sharing, camera filters as well as Siri updates. It is actually the surplus of new improvements and upgrades and actually the Apple Company’s largest update that has ever been introduced since the coming in of the operating system.

It is however very unfortunate that not every device will be able to get these new features that are associated with the new iOS 7 from Apple and some of the devices may not even be able to get the greatest and most interesting effects that are brought about by it.

It is even more unfortunate that even most of the iDevices that will be lucky enough to get this new iOS may not end up getting the full set of features that are associated with it.

Know what you will be getting in your device

Do you have any idea of the features you will be getting from your iphone, iPod or ipad? May be you are wondering if your device is part of those that may not be able to get the full set of features or it is part of those that will not be able to get the latest and greatest from Apple at all.

It is important to look at some few devices and shade some light on this particular issue as to whether they will have the features or not. It is important to note the following:

  • The iphone 4smartphone will receive iTunes radio, the square photos and photo filters while it may not receive the AirDrop, updated Siri, Panorama and camera filters.
  • The iphone 4S will be able to have updated Siri, iTunes radio, Panorama, square photos and the photo filters upgrades but it may not receive the AirDrop and camera filters
  • The iphone 5 and iPod touch will receive all the features while the 5G will not receive any of the features as the ipad 2 will be receiving only iTunes radio.
  • The ipad 3, ipad 4 as well as the ipad mini will receive most of the features a part from the camera filter panorama and the camera filters which only ipad 4 of the three will receive and ipad 3 will also lack the AirDrop.

Further details about the upgraded features of the iOS

It is clear that some of the devices will be able to get some features as other miss while still some getting all the features as clearly explained above.

If you need further information about the features and more details then you can as well visit Apples‘ Website for further details.


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