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It is impossible to imagine a small business without a secure and reliable internet connection. The Internet has become so present in our everyday lives that we usually take it for granted. Still, when you are a small business owner you need to start making some decisions about your company, and the type of network you opt for is one of those decisions. Of course, one of your main concerns is bandwidth, but after you are finished with that, it is time to decide which type of connection are you about to use to deliver that bandwidth. Your options include Wi-Fi, copper and fiber optic.


It’s Majesty: The Wi-Fi

There is a saying that people used to come into your house greeting you and that nowadays they come into your house and ask for your Wi-Fi password. This means that Wi-Fi technology is widely spread in the households, but is it enough for your business? This type of connection relies on the radio waves. This means that it can be very cheap to install since it does not require any cables and similar equipment. On the other hand, it is not as reliable as the cable options are, since its strength decreases as you move further from the modem. However, it can be a good solution to those businesses with small venues. Wi-Fi is probably the best solution if it’s combined with cable variants.

The Good Old Copper Cables

Copper cables are everywhere since they have been used ever since the telephones were introduced into common households. Therefore, they are a good option in the rural areas since the optical fiber cables are not so widespread. Another upside is that this availability makes them very affordable. However, the downside of copper cables is that they can have somewhat limited bandwidth. After all, they were designed to transmit voice and not data. Still, they make up for a decent option for small businesses.

The Fast and Efficient Fiber Optic

This is still an option that involves cables, but these are a much faster and more reliable option than the copper cables. Firstly, they are not cracking that easily, which copper cables sometimes do. The signal does not lose on its quality that much when transferred by fiber optic cable. It is faster and more reliable than the copper ones, so the bandwidth is not an issue anymore. Still, installing it is a bit more expensive and it is not available just anywhere. It is probably the best data cabling option available for a small business today, though.


When choosing the networking option for your business, you need to take into account the bandwidth you need, the infrastructure of your area and the budget that you want to spend on it. Once you have these factors in mind, it is much easier to figure out what is the best choice for you. Also, do not forget that you can always combine these options for better results. Combining the Wi-Fi with cable options works out well for most users.

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