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Pinterest SEO: 8 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest Page

Optimize Your Pinterest Page with Pinterest SEO

Of all social media platforms, why Pinterest? A lot of you here might have been wondering why you should care to optimize and have a guaranteed SEO for your Pinterest page. For some reasons, it is undeniable that Pinterest starts to dominate quite a few of the search engine results. And g­­etting your business on this site gives an excellent opportunity to make your products reach your potential audience. But before anything else, you have to establish your Pinterest page first to get noticed.

People naturally prefer visuals than mere text alone. And Pinterest is a great platform where you can freely upload or share photos for your target audience. No worries if you are new to Pinterest, since establishing and optimizing your Pinterest page is not that difficult as you think it is. However, it is still a challenge for you on how you can efficiently and successfully make your audience engage on your posts. To get you started; below are some proven ways to SEO your page.

  1. Optimize your profile

Your profile will tell your audience of who and what your business is all about. That means, it is a no-no for you to use dummy names, pictures or logos that are way too irrelevant from what it is supposed to be. A real picture of you or your business’ logo can help establish your page.  Moreover, write a compelling description of your business for you to get noticed. And don’t forget to include searchable keywords on your profile. With that, it is much easier for your audience to find you.

  2. Verify your website

Completing the process of your site is one of the elements in getting the trust of your target audience. How can you have their trust when you don’t even have a reliable website? Right? A verified account will have more authority over the Pinterest search than those that are not. That means, people will definitely notice your business whenever they type a relevant keyword in the Pinterest search.

   3. Install pin it buttons

Encouraging your target audience to pin content from your website can increase the user’s engagement with your page. The more pins you get, the higher your posts will rank and the better your authority on the Pinterest search box.

 4. Write great descriptions

Having great descriptions with searchable keywords on your product or page is also one way to increase your page traffic.  You have to fill every description box with interesting details about your products for you to achieve the desirable rank. When you do have an appealing description, your post will mostly be pinned and repinned. However, choose the right words for as not to sound like it is a spam. And take the same approach with your descriptions on your Pinterest boards. Make it simple and straightforward when naming them.

 5. Set up rich pins

Rich pins are most likely similar to Twitter cards where it can pull structured data from your site and displayed in on Pinterest. Setting up rich pins usually shows the price and availability of the product, phone number, location or even ingredients for a recipe. With this, you will most likely have a higher click-through rate, and is more visible on other user’s feeds.

 6. Check your links

Making sure that Pinterest is not sending links or traffic to expire or deleted pages is a must for you to consider. Links with 404 errors can damage your business’ reputation and can anger Pinterest users. Moreover, add related items on your page, if you think that your products are already out of stock. With that, your target audience will not expect a particular product just for nothing.

 7. Get more followers

Without any followers, it is impossible for you to achieve the desirable rank on the search engine. Followers can help increase your popularity on Pinterest by pinning and repining. That is why, you have to make sure that you add a follow button to your site. This is also one way to promote your page.

 8. Find your niches

Whether you realize it or not, setting up an account on Pinterest is not just about uploading and sharing pictures, pinning and repining posts, but it is also about finding your niche. For instance, if your business is all about cooking, you can also search for and follow other users or websites who are also interested in cooking. This is also a good time to share and get new ideas from them for your next post.

The success of your website would always depend on how strategic you are in optimizing your page. Of course, it would take some of your time and effort to achieve your rank goals. And just make sure you’re doing the right Pinterest SEO to make it all happen.

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