Pokémon Go Updates as Users Do Anything to Get Noticed

Last month featured the introduction of one of the latest augmented real life games ever; The Pokémon Go. This a reality game developed by Niantic industry for both iOS and Android powered devices. The game can be played both in single-player and multiplayer modes. Basically, this game utilizes the device’s Global Positioning System to display its interface on which the player can wrestle or coach objects called Pokémon.

About the developer

The Niantic Inc. is both the developer and publisher of this augmented game. It is based in San Francisco, California. The company manufactures games and applications through indexing and transforms the way people interact in the real world and the virtual world. Its most notable developed augmented real life game besides Pokémon Go is the Ingress, which also employs the same concepts as Pokémon Go when gaming. The company teamed up with Nintendo to develop this latest series in Pokémon.

Major Updates:

Footstep tracking

In the beginning, Pokémon Go players could locate the virtual creatures that were close to them just by glancing at how their paw outlines were close to their icons, commonly known as the three-footstep tracking. In the earlier version this particular feature did not work as was initially intended and instead contributed to a lot of glitches that slowed the overall gameplay pattern. The virtual creatures, Pokemon, could appear with three footprints regardless of their real position in the virtual screen. Niantic Inc. decided to remove this feature completely in order to work on its ultimate solution before it is re-introduced again, a move that has not been particularly supported by a majority of the games lovers.

Poke Vision

These are websites that served the same purpose as the footstep trackers. Players could utilize them to identify the exact location of the virtual Pokémon whenever the games preinstalled tracker failed to leave up to its expectations. Many players found PokeVision very useful since the internal tracking system of the game was not consistent and reliable. The developer also decided to close down these sites basically shutting down any type of remedy players could use to enjoy the game. Obviously, this is not a very welcoming gesture on their part.

Battery life

Since this game involves the use of a device’s GPS system as well as data, it is a real power drainer. Many players have complained about how short a life span the battery of the devices that run this application lasts. The developer tried to provide a work around this issue by developing an in-game built feature called battery saver to help the battery life of the device last longer. However, in the last days of the last month, Niantic Inc. removed this feature from the iOS platforms leaving only the Android users with the capability to enjoy the feature. According to Glozine latest technology news update, there have been battery packs launched to assist heavy phone games, a scenario which has seen the sale of those battery packs double since the release of the game.

Besides the application’s battery usage, you could tweak other functionalities of the device you are using in an effort to ensure the longevity of your battery life for instance;

Switching off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth- this is because while playing the device diverts some of its energy towards trying to connect to other nearby devices.

Auto switches your device to a low power mode where it only uses the essential services

Using the lowest display brightness

Mute the games sound and music effects as well as that of the phone.

Third Party applications

As already mentioned the applications in built tracking system failed from time to time in the very first versions of Pokémon Go and was thus not reliable. It is this scenario that saw the emergence of third party applications such as the Poke Radar assist players to play the game more comfortably. Applications such as Go Chat allowed users to actually communicate by leaving messages on the virtual surface for others to find. The developer has since embarked on a serious campaign to eliminate these third party sites due to copyright infringements.

Additional features to expect

a) Trading

The ability to share collected Pokémon monsters with other players is one feature that will surely make the game adorable and addictive. Trading of different creatures with players worldwide will be a transforming addition for both the developer and the players. According to the co-founder, this feature is yet to be launched.

b) New Pokémon Versions

This is a game that involves catching a total of 160 creatures spread all over the world and as at the moment some people have already captured more than half of the creatures with the only remaining creatures those that are yet to be introduced by the developer in the layered series. Mythical creatures such as Mew and Zapdos amongst others are yet to be introduced into the game so players should expect new versions of these gaming series.

c) New Poke stops

These are supply shops from where players can acquire bonus game supplies as they are playing. They are normally spread over the virtual interface at points of preference. The developer also intends to introduce new and improved Poker stops in the future.


Pokémon Go is one of the advanced gaming applications of the augmented genre and considering the positive reception it has received since its launch; Niantic Inc should improve its features. It should make additional positive changes instead of completely doing away with the lagging features. The company should also review customer response before and after any update has been made.

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