Productivity Tools for a Start-Up Founder

In a start-up, the founders often find themselves donning many hats and doing pretty much everything. And it cannot be helped since most start-ups are strapped for funds and fueled only by the hopes and dreams of their founders. Being able to launch a startup is a dream for many of us, but it comes with a huge amount of stress. Stress is a great killer of productivity and a lack of productivity can cause work to pile up and induce, well, stress! It is a very vicious cycle. So what can one do? There are many tools that can really help a person streamline many tasks.

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Productivity Tools for a Start-Up

There are so many software that promise to make your life easier but they all cost, sometimes they cost an arm and a leg. So what do you do? Well, you have to find reliable user reviews, which is easier said than done. G2 Crowd is the best place you for business software reviews. The review process is quite transparent thus saving you time choosing reliable software.


Productivity Tools for a Start-Up

Staying focused is very difficult with emails pouring in left, right and center. Research has shown that nothing kills concentration more than the popping up of an email during an important task. And sometimes some emails are not even worthy of one’s attention. So what can you do?

SaneBox helps to filter your emails and move less important emails into the “SaneLater” folder. You can view these emails when you are free and are not focusing on something important.



It is one of the many choices you have when you are looking for a social media tool that helps you publish content on several social media accounts across social media channels. How does GetStacker stand out from the rest? It has a better user interface and it is cheaper from the competition.


Productivity Tools for a Start-Up

Time is the most valuable commodity one has. And many of us find that we end up wasting time on insignificant tasks and regret is at the end of the day. Toggl is a simple time recording tool that you can use as an individual or as a time. It gives you very insightful reports as to how are you spending your time.


Productivity Tools for a Start-Up

Bornevia is a very simple online customer service tool. It is perfect for start-up founders as this one tool has email, SMS, live chat and social media all in one dashboard. For all that it offers, its pricing is reasonable and can be afforded easily even by cash-strapped start-ups.


Productivity Tools for a Start-Up

Even a start-up must maintain a book of accounts. However, not everyone is savvy with numbers and drawing up accounts can be quite the hassle. However, accounting can be made very easy with Brightbook. It is a free online accounting tool and its simplicity makes it perfect for start-up founders with zero accounting experience.

Beside all these tools, as a stressed out founder there is one challenge that you must really overcome; the fear of impending deadlines. There are so many deadlines and each must be adhered to, but frankly there is a chance you might miss some. So which ones do you miss? Well, one of the greatest skills to master will be to decide which things to give priority to. Most important tasks should be done first with your sole focus (try to limit multi-tasking). And the second rule to make your life is the “2-minute rule”. If you have identified something that can be done in 2 minutes, do it immediately, do not delay it.

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