Reasons to Use HTML5 for Mobile App Development

html5 for mobile app development

HTML5 for Mobile App Development

 HTML5 is a core technology mark-up language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. It was specially designed to deliver rich content without the need for additional plugins. The current version delivers everything from animation to graphics, music to movies, and can also be used to build complicated web applications. HTML5 is also cross-platform. It is designed to work whether you are using a PC, or a Tablet, a Smartphone, or a Smart TV. 

HTML5 is very powerful and loaded with feature-rich tools that can help in developing mobile as well as web applications. Its provides the advantage of developing scalable and robust apps in a short time. The best part of using HTML5 web application tool is its flexibility which makes it easier for developers by giving a UI, development, scripts and other options. The most important reasons why HTML5 is best for mobile applications are as follows.

Offline Availability

The most common mistake committed by developers is to assume that users have an internet connection always. Packaged apps don’t have to worry of such an issue but hosted apps are useless without any connectivity. HTML5 apps can use its Application Cache (AppCache) API to make them work offline even though developers have whimpered a lot over it. The Storage APIs are also very important when using hosted apps offline. Saving data on local Storage and later sending the very data to the hosted site when the internet is connected is a common method. This makes the app look more flexible and valuable to the user.

Ease in Deployment

There are many extensive scripts and codes available that are utilized in native mobile application development but there are some practices when it comes to deployment on the respective app store. But for HTML5 apps the process is made easier since there are a few fractional parts meant to be installed that are easy to deploy by making use of open-source JavaScript tools while you launch your app. Hosting an application is very profitable once your app starts getting renowned status on an app store.

Hire Highly Skilled Coders

HTML5 is growing at a very fast rate and emerging as a tool for app development, and using it for web application development requires a level of expertise to create responsive and dynamic apps with HTML5 codes. Also fresh and young talents should get a chance to understand and learn the upcoming techniques in app development. For creating a highly efficient app in HTML5 a developer should have a thorough knowledge of Web SQL and AJAX frameworks. This will reduce the effort and provide better productivity in terms of creation and enhancement of the app.

Include Robust Features

There are many domains of applications available in the market but developers should try to stick to a single utility with multiple features. HTML5 provides such perfect platform to launch apps that have multiple things in rapid duration without taking off the attention from the center. There are many apps that have enhanced utility launched in the Chrome Store that have provided huge hike to HTML5 development among mobile app developers.

Easy Availability of Manpower

You need a great team of developers working for you if you want a successful app development. HTML5 is very popular amongst developers and is known to most programmers. This makes it easier for you to look for a good HTML5 programmer. On the contrary looking for an Android and iPhone developer is a difficult task and even if they are available their prices will be high. In such a case HTML5 seems to be a cost-effective solution from hiring point of view.

Use of Redundant Data

HTML5 or JavaScript methods make development of mobile apps easy by making codes redundant. So it is possible to use this very code for 90-95% of all the platforms. Also if you adapt the Phone gap technique the role of functional requirements can be reused since it essentially becomes an open source development. Also there is no need for specializations in developers as the familiarity remains with web development of similar kind.

Automatic Remote updates

The best feature of HTML5 web apps is that it can update automatically for users without them connecting for manual update. This is because everyone who visits it or uses it will see the latest version. It may seem like a problem for few but it is a boon for most as it benefits everyone including the app provider, developer evading the need to provide support for the multiple versions of app. For users it makes life easier as no manual update is required.

Features to Look Forward

One must have a clear idea about the features that are made available for developing HTML5 apps so that they can be incorporated well in the development process. Resolution of the app can be changed pertaining to the device, which is an added bonus in HTML5. Also, many applications can be bundled with notification management and Bluetooth access using HTML5 development features. These apps can be sold on Chrome app stores or other specific stores that carry HTML5 apps.

Thus you have seen how HTML5 apps work perfectly for app development and that too with the advantage of native methodologies. The app is code redundant and has functions like multitasking and modification option. This is why mobile app development companies should start focusing on HTML5 as their part of business and start developing apps in HTML5 to place their foothold in a highly competitive market.

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