Stand Alone Installation of Enkompass on HyperV Part-I (Configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2008)

Enkompass is a Windows Control Panel provided and support by cPanel which is the leading Control Panel provider for Linux. Enkompass can be installed on a Single Server or on a Distributed System. In Single Server every component i.e. IIS, Mail Server (like smartermail, sherweb hosted exchange etc.), MSSQL, MySQL will be installed on single System where the distributed system is a combination or network of few servers on which Mails, MySQL, MSSQL, IIS are running on different Servers. In this Post I will explain how you can install Enkompass on a stand alone server (HyperV VM) without cluster.

I have configured Standalone System on a HyperV VM having Following Configuration
1) CPU: 1 CPU (Intel Xeon e5520 on host server)
2) RAM: 2 GB
3) HDD: 30 GB
4) OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (x64)

Installation of Enkompass includes two parts which are:

1) Configuration of Microsoft Windows 2008
2) Installation and Configuration of Enkompass.

Configuration of Microsoft Windows 2008

Before we proceed with the installation of Enkompass we need to install and configure some softwares and Windows components. Following is the list of components which need to be installed or configured (I will explain steps)
a) Install Active Directory
b) Install IIS
c) SmarterMail Server
d) MySQL Server
e) Microsoft SQL Server

a) Install Active Directory.
On Microsoft Windows Server 2008 you can install Active Directory using command “dcpromo” and follow the steps. You can refer the article “Step-By-Step Guide for Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller” () where I have explained the steps to install Active Directory on a Windows Server 2008.

b) Install IIS.
IIS (Internet Information Services) is the default Web-server which comes with Microsoft Windows Platform. Following are the steps to install IIS on Windows Server 2008

1) Open/Expand Server Manager, click on Roles.
2) Click on “Add Roles” which will open Roles installation wizard. Press next to continue.
3) Now Select Web Server (IIS) from the list as shown in below Image

4) On next step it will ask for Role Services just like below image.

Select the following Services for Enkompass
1. All Common HTTP Features
2. Application Development

  • ASP.Net
  • .Net Extensibility
  • ISAPI Filters
  • ISAPI Extensions
  • Server Side Includes

3. Health and Diagnostics

  • HTTP Logging
  • Request Monitor

4. Security

  • Basic Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • URL Authorization
  • Request Filtering
  • IP and Domain Restrictions

5. Performance

  • Static Content Compression

6. Management Tools

  • IIS Management Console
  • IIS Management Scripts and Tools
  • Management Service
  • ALL IIS 6 Management Compatibility (If using MailEnable)

5) Press Next start the installation.

c) Installation SmarterMail Server
SmarterMail is a Email Server product from, SmarterMail strives to revolutionize the way you host e-mail. With an intuitive interface, flexible spam options that include Bayesian Filtering, and live server diagnostics, SmarterMail becomes the best mail server solution you will find. Features include a web mail and administration interface, an active sidebar that allows for easy navigation, live server diagnostics that show you real time health and activity for your server, easy spam administration, smart hosting to allow easy setup of a backup server, multi-language support for the Web interface and spell check, folder auto-clean to keep junk Email and deleted items under control, advanced content filtering etc. Following are the installation steps of SmarterMail.

1) Download the free edition of SmarterMail from Smartertools website i.e.
2) Run the downloaded executable and follow the steps (which is quite similar to any software installation in Windows).
3) Once the installation gets complete SmarterMail will pop-up for it’s configuration like License, Admin login Details, Spam Options etc. Select the options as per your requirements, Also if you want to use free edition press next when Screen ask for License.
4) Open Port 9998 in Windows Firewall so you can access the SmarterMail admin Panel on Internet as well.

d) Installation MySQL Server
1) Download MySQL 5.1 or greater from
2) Run the downloaded executable and follow the steps
3) Open Port 3306 in Windows Firewall.

e) MSSQL Server Installation
1) Download MSSQL 2005 or 2008 Express Edition from Microsoft or install License copy.
2) If you install MSSQL Express Edition don’t use a named version.
3) Install it using Mixed Mode.

f) Turn off User Account Control
1) Go to Control Panel >> User Accounts
2) Click on “Turn User Account Control on or off”

3) Press OK to disable User Account Control

4) Reboot the System to apply the changes.

Please check Installation and Configuration of Enkompass (Part-II) of this Article here.

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