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Steps to make your Android Hacker Proof

Make your Android Hacker Proof

Computers and internet have brought many wonders to us, but also some concerns about our privacy. Never before, even in the age of dictatorships, private life of people hasn’t been exposed in this measure, and we have to do what is in our power to prevent it to happen to us. This is an issue especially for the Android phones owners which are exposed to privacy attacks more than any other mobile OS user. This causes even more concern when we know that more than 80 percent of mobile phone owners use this OS. If you are one of them, the next few steps for achieving android security, might be helpful.

The first barrier – screen

The screen of your smartphone is the first line of defense, so you should do it right. Many android users decide to protect the screen by using the interesting, yet not so efficient, locking with patterns. Locking the screen with a PIN or a password is always the safer way to go, although you might look at it as an unnecessary hassle, this is the best way of securing it.

Don’t trust everything on the Web – installing apps

Take necessary precaution measures before you install anything on the web. No matter how harmless it might seem, every app can potentially jeopardize your privacy. So, before pressing “allow and install” make sure you read and analyze “permissions” and see how they can influence your phone’s security afterwards.

Privacy should be private – protecting the apps

Some individual apps can be protected by installing “app lock”. This can be particularly useful for personal apps such as social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc). So you can ensure your phone is safe, when in your hands, and if it happens accidentally it gets into wrong hands.

Seek for advice – professionals know best

Equip your phone with accessories for privacy protection, and be sure to, in that occasion, to ask for advice from professionals working in Android mobile phones online or regular shops, about how to protect phone and how to recognize when it is being hacked.

Being safe online

When you are accessing the web, whenever you can, try to do it from a secure Wi-Fi network. With unsecured public networks you can never be sure whether or not there are hackers nearby which can intercept your data once you are online. And if you have no other choice than to go online with a public network, avoid doing any shopping or banking online.

Mobile Phone

Know their tricks

The trick most commonly used among hackers is sending messages that at first glance seem to be from some trusted source, as your bank, for instance. By clicking on a link in the text message received by an unknown telephone number, you are exposing yourself to data theft or malware installations.

Being up-to-date is being safe

Always update your smartphone’s firmware to the most recent version. Usually, all the phones do this automatically, but sometimes users turn this option off. If you are one of those users, you should install those updates manually. You can do that directly from your phone or by connecting your phone with the computer.

True, there are many privacy threats, but there is also a number of ways to protect your phone from them. Use them.

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