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BYOD Best Practices

  BYOD Best Practices BYOD or “bring your own device” is a growing trend in the business world. More and more businesses, in an effort to attract top talent and boost employee morale and efficiency, are adopting BYOD policies. Here are some top ways that your business can implement its own BYOD policy. Any BYOD
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Trending Core Technologies Can Improve Your Business

Core Technologies That Can Improve Your Business Businesses not hunting for emerging trends is doomed. Top technology, economic, social and health care trends influence the course of business. Companies that resist or turn a blind eye to trending changes essentially take themselves out of the marketplace. Behind on trends and outside of the marketplace equates
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Building a Biz Empire Means Building an App Store

With the ever-growing presence of laptops, smartphones and tablets in nearly every segment of the working population, it makes sense that the issue of whether or not to allow employees to integrate their personal devices into the company’s IT program is coming up and is fraught with concerns for everyone involved. Integration seems imminent, since,
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