The Best Texting Apps That Can Save Your Money

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Not only did cellular phones bring with them the ability to communicate faster without being tied to a wire but also introduced the functionality to send SMS messages. Texting – as it is more commonly known – is a great way to contact family and friends on the fly and save those valuable dollars in the process. Even though speaking to a person live remains the most reliable way of communicating; texting, in recent years, has also gained an equal amount of importance, especially among the younger demographic.

In an era when smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and have given rise to app ecosystems, texting programs have also undergone major overhauls as far as cosmetics and functionality is concerned. Intuitive user interface, the ability to send and receive pictures and videos during a conversation and support for sms spy software are some of the features which have become synonymous with popular texting apps of today.

Here’s a look at some texting apps that will give you seamlessly connectivity and save you a good amount of cash in the process:

1) WhatsApp Messenger

One of the most popular texting apps of today is also one of the most popular cross platform apps of all time. With a large amount of both Android and iOS users to its credit; the WhatsApp Messenger enables one to send and receive text messages, pictures and videos for free over a WiFi or 3G network to any device in the world with the same app installed on it.

Unlike other texting apps, WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t require a user to search for other contacts. Once installed the app automatically searches the phonebook to show a list of users who already have the app installed on their phones. It runs quietly in the background and uses notifications to alert the user of a new message.

Depending on your operating system the app comes with a price tag of either 69P or free. Considering its versatility and ease of use most users wouldn’t mind paying a nominal fee if it gets them quality service.

2) iMessage

The fact that iMessage is Apple’s proprietary texting app that was built solely for use on iOS devices does little to hinder the popularity and performance of this powerful program. Once installed, simply activate the app from the Settings menu to connect with other devices powered by the iOS operating system.

iMessage integrates with the main messaging app in an iOS device instead of appearing as a separate program. iMessage texts will appear in blue along with regular carrier charged sms’s that appear in green.

If you’re looking to save cash simply turn on iMessage and you’re ready to send and receive free text messages over Wi-Fi.

3) Facebook Messenger

Odds are either you or a friend of yours is part of this massively popular social networking website. In order to provide on the go connectivity the Palo Alto based company has introduced Facebook Messenger – an enhanced version of its messaging service which allows one to send text messages, pictures and videos free over a Wi-Fi or 3G network.

Push notifications immediately inform of a new text message saving user the trouble of constantly checking his phone.

4) Skype

Skype maybe popular for its video calling features but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in other departments. With Microsoft at its helm Skype has evolved into a full blown IM client that is fully capable of sending messages, photos and videos over Wi-Fi and 3G networks for zero cost.

Regardless of whether you’re a college student or a small business owner chances are you’re looking to save money. These texting services can help you connect with your friends and families during those rainy days and give you state of the art connectivity on the go.

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