The “Cloud” is a Buzz Word Across the Internet, So How to Migrate From Traditional IT to Cloud Platform


There hardly remains any doubt about Cloud being the future of IT. A big question that hits the mind is, how do we switch from a traditional IT platform to the Cloud computing infrastructure. And if you are an established business, making a switch may seem a bit tricky at times.

Migrate to CloudLooking at the transformation that the Industry is going through, it is important for today’s businesses to adapt to the new technological shifts in-order to sustain in the race. More challenging is to make the workforce adapt to these new and changing technologies. There has been an upward trend in the number of providers offering different cloud solutions, hence allowing businesses opportunities to choose the best type of computing solution to support their IT requirements.

The choice of owning your own hardware and software is about to get stacked in the history, though many big businesses that have the necessary setup would still opt for this, but majority would find it convenient to switch over to an outsourced professional Cloud Hosting ERP system like Netsuite and Computing provider to suffice their IT and computing requirements. This is mainly because the aim of such providers is to reduce your internal IT expenses by leveraging a more efficient, scalable and cost-effective source that helps you with cutting costs.

It’s crucial that you find a professional provider who’d rightly understand your needs and accordingly offer a solution which is cost effective and more reliable than your current infrastructure. Such providers would happily do so since after all they too need to stay in the competition, hence you can expect optimum services from them. Moreover, since its their core part of business, you can expect them to be more efficient and resourceful than having a small IT setup at your own premise. Such outsourced IT companies have the necessary staffing and have an upper hand in handling the technology shifts which can further offer benefits to your business. Unlike the traditional methods, Cloud is something that has reduced the stress over IT management by a large extent. These companies can help you through the smooth transition from a Traditional IT infrastructure to the Cloud platform.

But before you actually carry out the transition, couple of factors needs to be taken into consideration

Following is a list of considerations that can help you position yourself to help a company transition to cloud computing:

·   Consult on the opportunity to move to the cloud versus in-house IT,

·   Consult in helping to figure out what is needed for the company to move to the cloud

·   Consult on choosing the best cloud provider based on the company’s specific needs,

·   Assist integration with existing systems,

·   Help other company members adapt to the new technology,

·   Troubleshoot the remaining IT infrastructure that can’t yet be moved to the cloud,

·   Show the plan after the cloud transition is complete — and show where you bring in value once the company is operating more efficiently and saving money!

As this technology evolves further, more and more users would start using this platform further reducing the costs associated with Cloud services. So, we can happily describe cloud to be the future of computing.

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