The High-Tech And Low-Tech Gadgets Entrepreneurs Must Invest In

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The High-Tech And Low-Tech Gadgets Entrepreneurs Must Invest In

The allure of being your own boss attracts many Americans to take the entrepreneurial road towards success in the business world. You may have a vision and determination, but most entrepreneurs need help for their start-up projects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes 90 percent of entrepreneur businesses make it through their first year, but only 25 percent of startup companies survive for two decades or longer. Startups and small companies can increase their longevity and odds for success by investing in a few pieces of technology to help them run smoothly.

Voice-Activated Mobile Phone Apps

Time management and communications often blend together when an entrepreneur has only minutes to close a deal with a customer, order new inventory or get the paperwork out before the clock hits 5 p.m. A smartphone voice recognition app like Google Quick Search lets an owner interact with customers, employees or data networks without needing to ever take their eyes off of the store or road. Need to talk, text and browse at the same time? No problem, just tell your phone what you need and how to do it.

Get A Good Cuppa

The amount of work a typical office worker puts in pales in comparison to what an entrepreneur needs to get their company up and off of the ground. The Princeton Review notes the average entrepreneur works no less than 70 hours per week, nearly double what an employee or government worker would put in. When you need to burn the midnight oil every day to keep a company in the black, get the right tools for the job by picking up a $200 Tassimo Pro coffee machine to make everything from frappuccinos to cocoa.

Tax Calculators

Only two certainties meet us in life and business: death and taxes. Be prepared for the latter by using any of the numerousĀ free tax calculatorsĀ available, payroll tax platform to automatically deduct the taxes due to employees and clients whenever you send out the new round of paychecks. Use Inuit when calculating employer payroll taxes for federal, Social Security and employee insurance tax rates, and you’ll save much more money than if you went to an accountant. Better still, the automatic calculation lets you click and file instantly, so that you need never engage in an all-night number-crunching marathon prior to April 15.

Rip Identity Theft Up

Small companies and startups carry more risk from a cyberattack or phishing scheme than their larger counterparts who can afford to purchase security filters and train workers about protocol. Luckily, you can negate most of the risk of identity theft simply by making sure your paper waste cannot be read and recovered. A $220 20-sheet ShredCare heavy-duty shredder gives you peace of mind. Documents containing customer credit card information, bank routing numbers or employee Social Security numbers cannot come back to haunt you after they’re shredded. Push a button to change gears or lubricate parts to give it longer-lasting use.

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