Tips for upgrading to the new Blackberry Curve 9320 3G

new blackberry curve 9320

Tips for upgrading to the new Blackberry Curve 9320 3G

With new mobile handsets seemingly being released every day, many of us come to the end of our contracts and look to upgrade to the latest model of our current phone, or branch out to try something new.

The latest offering from Blackberry is the Curve 9320 3G smartphone, but is it worth getting one?

Well, as with many Blackberry handsets, the design is very similar to its predecessor, with a slim, shiny exterior which takes on the traditional curvy Blackberry shape. It also continues with many of the features used by its predecessor, with the addition of Blackberry’s 7.1 operating system. Another feature to be introduced is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, which makes it possible to connect up to five Wi-Fi devices at any one time to the phone’s 3G signal, which could be incredibly useful when you need to be on a laptop or tablet in an area where you can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

The handset comes with 512MB of memory as standard, which although is quite low, can be expanded to 32GB with a Micro SD card. The processor is 800MHz and as a result, the phone has great speed and can easily swap between apps and calls at the click of a button. In terms of other features, the 9320 has a music player, FM radio, voice and video recording, image stabilisation and a LED flash camera.

How can I fund my upgrade?

As with many new phones, the features tempt you to upgrade, but with new phone contracts increasing in cost all of the time, and buying the phone outright being incredibly expensive, finding the money for your brand new phone can be another story altogether.

However, if you have an earlier handset that is in good working order, this can often be the first step to your upgrade. For instance, you could sell your old Blackberry Curve 8520 and expect to receive around £17 for it. Whilst this won’t give you enough to buy your new phone outright, it is a great start and would go a long way to offsetting a slight rise in monthly payments if you decide to go with a contract upgrade.

If you do decide to take the 9320 on a contract, it is important not to settle on sticking with your existing network provider. Instead, shop around to find the cheapest price for the contract which offers the phone before you decide which provider to go with. You can often find that mobile phone providers will offer a better deal to new customers than to existing ones. So see what benefits you can get by doing this such as cashback or free minutes/data.

Cashback sites are incredibly beneficial for those looking for mobile phone contracts at the moment and it’s always worth visiting one of these before you go through with an agreement. You can often get back anything up to £150 for taking out a new contract, which reduces your contract amount over the two years by a fairly substantial figure.

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