Top 5 Must Have Apps for Travelers

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. They come in handy for travelers since they provide them with access to apps for free. Various applications help you save a lot of money in case of booking hotel rooms, tickets and searching the best deals on good shops and restaurants. Both Android and iPhone users can download different applications from the internet.

1) Wi-Fi Finder App

Wi-Fi Finder

Most applications found online require a Wi-Fi connection to work in a proper manner. This is where the free Wi-Fi Finder app comes to your rescue by helping you locate every position offline. The database of the Wi-Fi Finder app covers more than 650,000 spots in a total of 144 different countries. The company responsible for the development of the Wi-Fi Finder application, JiWire, makes it a point to handle close connections with both paid and free Wi-Fi service providers in order to help you remain up-to-date while traveling from one particular place to another.


2) Currency Converter App

If you travel on a regular basis, you have to be aware of the currency exchange rates whether it is the American dollar or the Cuban peso. The popular application, Currency Converter, provides you with information on the exchange rates of more than 180 different worldwide currencies. These particular currency details are offered by the leading, reliable suppliers of data in the market like auditing firms, financial institutions, tax authorities etc. The Currency Converter app not only enables you to view conversion rates in an instant with a simple touch but also helps you find necessary information on areas where you can sell and buy rates for both types of currencies.


3) TripIt App

Trip IT

Tired of losing track of all the changes in your travel plans? The TripIt app basically acts as some kind of trip planner which helps you monitor every single travel detail within the framework of a single application. The application is supported by a variety of formats such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 7 and Android. The application is not only useful but also very simple and convenient to use. The only thing you need to do is send all your travel confirmations to TripIt for easy and quick tracking of your different travel plans, such as flight timings and confirmation digits.


4) Kanetix App

A must-have application for travelers, the Kanetix application, has been developed with the sole purpose of making the process of planning your vacations much easier. This particular iPhone application boasts of a group of useful functions and features – it informs you regarding the best tourist spots and holiday destinations, and it is also capable of offering perfect information on the weather along with a checklist in order to make sure you do not forget any point.


5) Kayak Mobile App


The Kayak Mobile application helps you make reservations while on the move. This unique app is available for users of Windows Mobile 7, Android, iPhone and iPad. You can reserve your flights, cars or rooms in a simple manner. The HTC mobile price in India, being on the lower side, ensures that you can make the best use of this app without pinching your pocket too hard.


In short, these 5 applications must be present in your phone if you have plans to travel soon.  Whether you need the latest weather details or want to find a great restaurant near your location, these best tourist applications will prove to be of tremendous use to you.

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