Unable to Start Container : Error invoking external utility

While starting one of the Container on Windows Node it shown following Error.

C:\>vzctl start 101
Failed to start Virtual Private Server ‘101’. Error invoking external utility:
ERROR:Virtuozzo API function call ‘VZVolumeMount’ failed err = 183
ERROR:Virtuozzo API function call ‘dq_mount’ failed
ERROR:Cannot set disk quota for container 101

After trying everything we were not able to figure out the exact reason for the problem. So, we asked SWSoft/Parallels for further support regarding this issue. Accoding to them root.efd file (which is HDD of Container) was in mounted stated due to which Virtuozzo was not able to start the Container. To fix the issue they have unmounted the Container using it’s GUID.

To find GUID you can execute following command from the command prompt of the Host Server

C:\>vzcfgt get 101 GUID

Or you can open E:/vz/conf/101.conf and look for Following


Once you find GUID execute following command to unmount the Container

C:\>vzdskctl umount {7EAE4A3A-8A27-480C-BEFF-4DA8B90B5FFF}

Now, try to start the container

C:\>vzctl start 10401
Starting container …
Container is mounted
Container was started

C:\>vzlist 10401

101 37 running xxx.xxx.xxx.xx TEST-EITWEB

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