Webmin Error: The Web Server is running in SSL mode

Webmin is freeware web-interface for the system administartion (like managing user accounts, DNS, apache, FTP accounts etc.) of Linux based system. After installation of Webmin Control Panel on Linux and when you try to access it over the internet (using http://SERVER IP ADDRESS:10000/ ), the browser shows following error:

The Web Server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://SERVER IP ADDRESS:10000/ instead.

The Web Server is running in SSL mode
But the URL suggested by Webmin (using https) doesn’t open as well.

To fix this problem we have to disable the SSL mode for the control panel. Following are the steps to disable SSL mode and run webmin in normal mode.

  1. Login to Server via SSH
  2. Go to “/etc/webmin” directory
  3. Open miniserv.conf file in your Favorite editor. Miniserv.conf file contains configuration of Webmin Control Panel.

    open miniserv.conf
  4. Now Search for “ssl” and change from


    SSL enabled



    SSL disabled

  5. Restart webmin Service using “/etc/init.d/webmin restart

    Restart Webmin Service

  6. Now try to access Webmin using URL http://SERVER IP ADDRESS:10000/

    Webmin Control Panel

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One thought on “Webmin Error: The Web Server is running in SSL mode”

  1. Thanks! you have saved me hours of googling!
    I see now that Webmin & Virtualmin combined together.
    A noob question here: Do you think Virtualmin is better than Kloxo for a VPS running CentOS?

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