When Your Boss is as Sharp as a Bowling Ball — #bizproblems

When your boss

When Your Boss is as Sharp as a Bowling Ball — #bizproblems

The rat race of the corporate world poses many threats to our temper and sanity. Whether you work at the top or you look up at the top every day from the bottom, there’s no shortage of hurdles to jump every day. Cubicle jockeys look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report that worker productivity jumped nearly 3 percent in the second quarter and wonder about a future of ever-increasing workloads.

There’s No Strategies For Big Problems

Ever go through the official channels in a company to find the solution to an issue, only to find that no such solution has ever existed? You have plenty of company. From marketing to sales, you’d be surprised how many companies have major holes in their company playbook. Despite the popularity of bring-your-own-device, for instance, CRN reports that three in five companies have zero policies with regard to personal mobile usage. You can bring the issue up at the next meeting…if you want to be tasked with solving it, complete with a mountain of paperwork.

Your New Employees Are Awful

Every company since the dawn of time has had to deal with the occasional less-than-brilliant intern or new employee. If you think a downward trend has taken hold of new hires, however, you have a point. The National Assessment of Literacy administered reading and writing tests to college seniors and found that half of all students who hold a four-year degree have at least one incompetency; 30 percent could not do math at a more difficult level than a sixth-grader. So if you want to get promoted, there’s good news: your competition gets worse and worse each year.

The Office Wardrobe Is Like Goldilocks And Porridge

Some office workers dress to the absolute nines on casual Friday, coming in with a three-piece or 4-inch stiletto heels. Others barely even bother to put on a tie for an important Monday meeting. You would think employees could at least find a middle ground, especially in light of upcoming Black Friday Macy’s sales, yet fashion sense eludes the majority of your colleagues. If only lunch break had a 15-minute window where wardrobe issues could be addressed, your office could look like a catalog. As is, it more resembles a motivational poster gone wrong.

All The Good Websites Are Blocked

Every employee in the corporate world needs to be able to access their email, get on calendars and find out stored data from the network. Just as important, however, are the boosts in morale that we all get from videos of cats and the occasional Cracked article about Nazi zombies. Nothing feels worse during the work day than braciang yourself for a brief escape, only to see the dreaded “NSFW” tag that tells you the IT department will be sure to flag it showing up on your computer. You’ll just have to remember it when you get home…only 7 hours and 59 minutes to go.

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