Why to Use OLX.in for Buying & Selling

Things in the World Wide Web are habitual about change! The important thing is that web-based stuff has ability to change not only web but also our day-to-day life. Olx.in, which has become one of the most popular and reliable way of selling/buying things online, is a perfect example for previously mentioned fact. In a few years, the site has done its best for becoming the optimum marketplace for buying/selling used or fresh products without spending enough time for various stuff in the physical methods of selling or buying a product. For instance, when you want to get one product or buy one through traditional ways, you have a few steps to accomplish such as contacting the broker near to your area, waiting for him to find the optimum product for you, and at last, paying him a comparatively huge fee, which is pet-named as brokerage.

why to use olx.in

However, OLX has broken all those rules and has simply redefined the way you sell or buy used stuff such as electronics, vehicles, etc. As a notable addition, OLX has sections such as Real Estate as well as Jobs, which makes enough sense. Also, the company is famous through their Visual Advertisements campaigns, which are available in both TV as well as YouTube. Just they used to say in those ads, you can JUST SELL things via OLX. Here, however, we would like to tell you some reasons, because of why you should use OLX.in for replacing your traditional ways of buying and selling things online. We hope that the reasons are enough for forcing webbies to avoid their old ways of brokerage and hence stepping into the world of brokerage-free online buying and selling. We will start with the favourite factor!

It is Free

As we have mentioned earlier, there are no limits of money, when you use OLX.in for selling or buying desired stuff online. This means that you can simply publish an advertisement in the website in a few clicks. For doing so, you will have to follow steps, we have mentioned below.

  1. From the website, click on ‘Submit an Ad’
  2. In the next page, you have to select the category and sub-category
  3. Then give information about the product such as title, description, featured images (up to 3), etc
  4. Provide contact details including phone number
  5. Click one button for publishing the advertisements in the wide network of OLX.in
  6. You’ve done it

So, the process is very quick and you do not have to spend a single money in these steps but your advertisement will be visible throughout the website and it will be shown to the user, when he searches for the same product.

Wide Audience & Good Filtering

This web-based platform is broken down to different categories such as vehicles, electronics, etc. Moreover, you can select the most appropriate category of the product as well as the sub-category. This is a two-way advantage because the advertiser will have an advertisement, which has extended reach whereas the buyer can find out desired products easier than usual. After all, all your advertisements will be available online and OLX.in visitors, from India, will see the advertisement and contact you in seconds. This means that if you are using OLX.in for selling your products, you do not have to wait for either the broker or the product because once you have published the Ad, you may receive buying requests from desired people in matter of seconds.

Obviously, when compared to the usual way of brokers as well as brokerage, this is quite simple because Web is there with optimum quickness. Among these, reach is the most important one because it is not easy to let thousands of people about your product deal via the ‘famous’ broker. In addition, as the product advertisements is available nationwide, you can get good price too, especially if you have an interesting deal with you.

Mobile Support

Apart from the website, OLX has released a few Applications for different mobile platforms such as Android & iOS. It is very useful because posting your advertisement is quite easy when you make use of such apps. For instance, you can use the application to give proper info and then to take a simple picture of product using the camera of your Smartphone or Tablet PC itself. Apparently, this is a big deal for those who want to make things less complicated.


Viewing all what we said, we could say that each one of you should join OLX.in or Follow us on YouTube you would like to make use of web-based technologies effectively to change the brokerage system.

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