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Why Web Presence Is Important?

Importance of Web Presence

The important components required for operating and owning a successful online business is continuously undergoing a state of change. As new technologies evolve and are later implemented, business decision makers have to consider what it takes to stay up to date in a highly competitive market. Changes do take place in particular industries and the secret of staying ahead in competition depends primarily on how well the change has been realized as that’s how companies can stay profitable.

It wasn’t long ago, when companies were able to survive and turn in a profit which they simply used to set up by a storefront, boasting superb customer service and marketing in the local community as well as positioning themselves towards global trends targeting towards large corporations, the other factors which contributed to a main shift in this framework forced today’s business owners to implement a more overarching strategy to stay alive. The key most important element that business owners have come to realize is the significance of having a strong web presence.

An organization’s web presence can convey many of its performance indicators as that’s how the Internet community views an organization online.

Some guiding questions that you can ask yourself about your web presence:-

  • Is my website getting enough traffic?
  • What analytics tools am I using to measure that traffic & do I really know what that data means?
  • Am I measuring traffic sources to my website (how are people finding me)?
  • Do I really know what keywords people mostly use to find my product(s) or service(s) and where does my website rank for them right now?
  • If operating as a local business, do I have a Google Places listing and do I know how to use it to my advantage? Do I have a blogging and social media strategy?
  • An organization’s web presence can convey many of its performance indicators as that’s how the Internet community views an organization online.

Some constituents of an organization’s web presence include:

  • Website: Having a website is the most basic form of an organization’s web presence and it is a must to have its web identity in today’s business environment. In addition, this helps as an online storefront and certainly acts as the conveyer of the company’s position, its brand and message to the world. A website that’s interactive and responsive will soon make a firm position in its respective industry.
  • Social Media Presence: Next in line after the company’s online presence its position in social media channels. Today’s businesses typically will be having a Facebook page and some companies are also taking advantage of Pinterest, Twitter profiles,  profiles and other several social media platforms to promote their web presence and market their brand. These websites are free and it does add value to your business as it’s free and reaches a wider audience and jumping on board will add more to the company’s advertising.
  • Search Engine Positioning: The other aspect of an organization’s overall online presence is its prevalence on search engine results pages. As Google’s search algorithm considers many factors, which includes: The website’sranking on Google, the quality of content and of course the popularity. Select and lock appropriate keywords in your area of business and implement a solid search engine optimization campaign.
  • Your Online Advertisement Presence: Web advertising is found in many various forms it includes: online radio advertising, advertising on YouTube, search engine marketing, and other modes that increase your online presence.

What’s evident in today’s environment is that an organization needs to have a powerful web presence in order to appear authentic in the eyes of the consumer.


Having a web presence is important when you’ve got to do something big or even if you have something to say, something to sell or something to teach, you need a powerful medium and in today’s techy world, nothing is as powerful as the web. To make the most of the web you’ve got to make sure about determining your internet footprint, keep up with the keyword research and spend some time cross-linking your social media sites. Consider each of your online actions as an investment to your future Internet visibility. As your investments grow, the more will be your chances for better online visibility, reaching out to your target audience and effectively establishing your web presence and getting more business.

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