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eITWebguru invites all guest authors or rather anyone and everyone who has the zeal to share knowledge and help netizens. So if you believe that you can help the readers at eITWebguru then we are looking for individuals who can write about Technology, Gadgets, Softwares, Reviews, Online Marketing, SEO etc.


How to Register as Guest Author 
  • Way 1
    Get yourself registered and complete your profile and then send us mail requesting to get author privileges at admin[at]eitwebguru.com
  • Way 2
    Send an email to admin[at]eitwebguru.com with following details
Complete Name:
Email Address:
Author Bio:
Note: All the Guest Authors will have Contributor role.


  1. An Article should have at least 900-1000 words.
  2. An Article should have related images and a featured images.
  3. If the article is about howto, tips, comparisons, informational it should have minimum 5 sub-topics.
  4. An Article must be self-written and not copied from other resources.
  5. An Article must have source link in case of you referring to any statistics or reports.
  6. Only “Nofollow” links will be allowed in the Article as well as in Author Bio.
  7. If possible, provide Internal links (eitwebguru.com resources).
  8. The BIO should not exceed 300 characters.
  9. The article would be published after moderators approval.
  10. The SLA for the publishing would be 7 working days

If you have any queries or questions please send an email to above mentioned email address.

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