What does BBM for Android will bring in?

bbm for android

BBM for Android.. What to Expect?

As soon as the news that beta version BBM or Blackberry Messenger is out for Android, it created ripples of sensation around the technology critic world. Although, it is not officially available for the public as Blackberry intended the beta testing phase for an exclusive group of volunteers.

BBM is originally an exclusive messenger application for Blackberry users. It is one of the aspects that contributed to the early success of Blackberry Smartphones, although it’s significance and relevancy is gradually crashing to the ground after new messenger applications such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, etc emerged.

Multi-Platform compatibility of these new messenger applications drove their way to success, because you can connect and communicate with your friends using any Smartphone platform such as Android, IOS, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry as well. Guess, RIM eventually realized it’s mistake and plans to integrate it’s technology with gigantic user base of Android and the IOS.

Numerous users criticized it’s absence of Android and IOS version earlier, since the user base of Blackberry is hitting a rock bottom recently, due to the sharp drop in sales and the market share.

BBM Features (Android Version)

 According to some leaked version rumors, I have compiled a list of it’s intuitive features.

  1.  Send numerous text and multimedia messages without any bounds or restrictions.
  2. Unlimited Voice and Video calls to your existing contacts for free.
  3. Hundreds of new emoticons including animated ones.
  4. You can host group conversations and chat with a group of your friends simultaneously.
  5. You can share unlimited photos, videos and music files with your friends, however with a mere file size restriction of 6 MB.
  6. You can personalize your profile and customize your personal user interface.

Although, I personally feel that the current features of BBM doesn’t have a intrigue factor. Existing messenger apps like Whatsapp, WeChat offer similar functionality with a few extras. Let’s not forget the fact that, it is still in the beta development phase. There would be bug fixes and feature additions in future.

What do you personally think? Will BBM able to influence Android users to abandon their existing messenger apps and adopt it?

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Gautham is a intuitive technology bloggers, who blogs at Techlurk, he recently wrote about Whatsapp for PC. Thanks for reading.

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