NAS: What is it and do you Need One?

We live in the Age of Internet; almost 3.5bn people are currently connected and the amount of data available out there is astonishing as well. However, some of that data is precious and it will not be available or hosted in the same place forever. That is why people tend to download content and keep it stored on their computers. As a result, we have storage problems. The capacity of modern SSD is still too sto serve as alternative storage solution, even for average users. So for storage, people turn to classic internal and external HDDs. Nevertheless, is there anything else that can serve as a storage unit and supply data to all devices in the house? Meet the NAS.


What is it?

NAS or Network Attached Storage is basically a home version of a server with high storage capabilities. The premise behind NAS is simple – you store all of your content on it and access it from any device that is connected to your network. If you think about it, you will understand how much better and more convenient it is than traditional external hard drives.


The great thing about NASes is that they come in a wide variety of versions. You can have small ones with a couple of HDD slots, or bigger ones with up to eight HDD slots. The only downside to NAS is that you need a dedicated room or a space to place it, as it can be quite chunky.


Aside from being able to access data on NAS from your devices, it can serve as a DLNA server streaming content to your media devices without the need of a dedicated PC, since NAS itself is a computer.


Also it has the potential to replace all of your cloud services, as it is remotely accessible via internet, as long as you have high quality connection – something like att u verse internet. You choose the amount of storage and pay for it once. So it is terabytes of available space for a one time purchase, unlike cloud services for which you have to pay monthly or yearly fees. Likewise, you don’t have to follow anyone’s guidelines or FAQs about the type of content you store. Torrent away if you will(shhh!).

Keeping NAS safe

Now, when IoT initiative is taking its swing, safety of your data online is more important than ever. Seeing how NASes are connected to the internet as well, the data stored on them is always at risk. Because you have more than one HDD in a NAS, you can dedicate one or more of them to serve as a backup.


You see, HDD, as any other piece of tech, can break down. Likewise, if someone is to gain unauthorised access to your NAS, you will have backup data in case the original gets tampered with.


Since NAS is accessed via browser, through dedicated IP addresses, the password you choose for your sessions has to be better than strong, as Dr. Mike Pound explains (the man knows what he is talking about):

Do you need a NAS?

Unfortunately, this is the question only you can answer. If you don’t want your hard drives to cluck and shriek in your desktop or laptop, if you have the need for high storage capacities, if you want to have a centralised media center for your home, if you need private cloud, and finally if you have space to store it, then yes, by all means get a NAS! You won’t regret that decision.

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