Best Online Jobs For Those Who Can’t Leave The Home

best online jobs

Best Online Jobs For Those Who Can’t Leave The Home

If you are recovering from an injury or have a permanent disability then you will find that it affects your ability to do a lot of jobs. Finding employment can be a lot more difficult which is a serious problem when you will likely have a lot of new costs to cover (such as wheelchairs, medication, care etc.).

Fortunately though, in the internet age there are actually a large number of jobs you can now do from home that previously wouldn’t have been possible. This creates many opportunities for those who are stuck at home or even permanently bound to their beds – as long as you have use of your hands there is plenty of money to be made!

Different Kinds of Online Work

best online jobs

When working online you generally have three main options. On the one hand you can work completely for yourself by making money directly from visitors to a website or customers for your business. Alternatively you can earn a living by providing a service and working for clients, or lastly you can work a regular job with an employer but choose one that allows you to work from home.

Commercial Business Models

If you want to be completely self-reliant, then working for yourself and making money from a commercial market is probably the best way to accomplish that. One way to do this is by running a website or blog. With a website you can then attempt to attract visitors and then make money either by selling a digital product, or by publishing adverts on your pages (which may play monthly or on a ‘per-click’ basis). This can take a lot of time and effort to set up, but once you gain momentum it will earn money with relatively little input from you.

Another option is to try selling a digital product, which can include things like mobile apps, like eBooks or like software. There are now many useful online stores that make it easier to get these products to market (iTunes, the Play Store, the Kindle Store…) and if you hit on something popular it’s another very passive way to generate cash.

Working for Clients

If you’d rather the stability of working for clients though, then there are many services you can provide online that will get you steady work. Writing for instance is an easy way to generate cash, as website owners and bloggers need content for their sites in order to attract visitors and rank in Google.

Similarly providing web design services is also a very popular way to work online though this market is somewhat saturated so it pays to come up with a niche and a way to offer something different. You can also make money from providing online marketing (and SEO in particular), by designing graphics, or by programming if you have the skills. Programming is a particularly profitable way to work online as the skill is less widely available and more in demand – if you have the time why not learn a programming language that you know you can charge a good amount for.

Working for Companies

best online jobs

These days there are many ‘traditional’ jobs that you can do from home, which include writing for magazines, designing PPC campaigns (an online for of marketing) for companies, providing tech support etc. The only thing that can sometimes make this difficult is the fact that companies want staff in their offices in order to answer calls from customers and potential partners, but if you discuss with your employers you’ll find that they will sometimes make exceptions.

Other Options

best online jobs

Of course there are other jobs you can do with a limiting disability that aren’t entirely based online, but using the web can help you to market these more effectively or to automate some of the more labour intensive aspects. For instance why not open an online shop? Or provide proof readings services and get your clients through a website? You can even sell arts and crafts.

Thanks to the web there are countless different ways you can earn money from home meaning that everyone can get the extra income and the satisfaction and sense of purpose that comes from making a living.

The author of this article, Kristina Parker, is a motivated individual who works for Accessibility Professionals Inc., a company that endeavours to make people’s life easier. Kristina loves to collect old vinyl records and is a proud owner of a vintage gramophone. You can also follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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The author of this post, Kristina Parker, is a freelance blogger by profession. In her spare time, Kristina loves playing tennis and going to the beach with her friends. You can follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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