Flagship War: HTC One M8 VS Nexus 5

HTC One M8 VS Nexus 5

HTC One M8 VS Nexus 5

The Google Nexus 5 took the market by storm when it first came out last year. It was eagerly awaited because it offered specs that seemed impossible for the price. If we talk about the devices running the same chipset, LG G2 was the closest rival and was priced almost 7K over it. It offered a powerful hardware in a very sleek and light body.

Talk about design and it is hard to ignore the HTC One. We recently saw the launch of the 2014 version called the M8 and it takes the design and built quality business to another level. Not only that but it runs the most powerful hardware available right now. There is a lot more to this device and we take a closer look putting this against the Google flagship, Nexus 5.


This fight has an inevitable result. HTC One M8 is the device that you would want coming out of your pocket when you get dressed up in a suit, or at any other time. Who cares? It looks good and would impress others whenever you hold it out in your hand. It is made out of brushed aluminium and while the previous device was good, this one is better. The plastic on the sides is gone and instead, the aluminium back now curves around the sides and goes all the way up to the display. While they have got most bits of the design right, there are still minor issues. The capacitive keys are gone but the black bar with HTC logo stays adding to the length of the device. The two speakers further add to it making it unusually tall. And to make things worse, the power key is on the top which is hard to access.

The nexus 5 hasn’t been made out of any fancy metal but the simplistic approach has worked very well here. The back is matte plastic and is nice to touch. The device has a sharp rectangular design which looks nice. It is very light when compared to the M8 and the weight distribution is perfect to make it feel even lighter. Both the devices have the same display size but the Nexus 5 is much smaller and makes handling it easier. While the Nexus is the well designed device here, the built quality and looks of the HTC take the cake here.


Both the devices have got a 5 inch display with full HD resolution. The HTC has got a Super LCD 3 display which is pretty good. The colours and contrast ratios are pretty good. The viewing angles and brightness levels are impressive as well. Look at the IPS display on Nexus 5 and it is even better. It has higher brightness, saturated colours, crisp fonts, great viewing angles and everything else. Though the differences are minute and you can say that the displays are evenly matched.

While the display quality is almost same, the HTC has got a display mode that comes up when you put the flip cover on. It has got tiny holes on it and the magnet in the cover switches the display mode. It displays the time, weather and some other notifications in a super stylish blocky display style. This not only looks cool but keeps the display safer than the Samsung covers which leave a part of display left uncovered.


Both the devices run on a Qualcomm chipset and they aren’t much different. The Google Nexus 5 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset with the quad core processor running at a maximum clock speed of 2.26 GHz. On the other hand, the HTC One M8 runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with the processor running at 2.36 GHz. Both of them run the same GPU Adreno 330 with the HTC using it at slightly higher clock speed. Both the devices have got 2 GB of RAM.

The HTC One M8 comes with a micro SD slot which is something you won’t find on the Nexus 5. Both the devices support similar connectivity options. The Nexus 5 has got a 2100 mAh battery which is not good enough considering the hardware of this device. The battery life you get is very average. The HTC device is powered by a much bigger 2600 mAh battery which would give you impressive battery life. The HTC has slight edge here.


Camera performance of both these device is pretty good. The Nexus 5 has got an 8 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization apart from other features. The camera performance was criticized a bit when it first came out but it was later fixed by software updates. The camera is decent but isn’t as good as the one on HTC One. It is the same 4 megapixel ultra-pixel camera from the previous generation but without the optical image stabilization. It has got another camera on the back which captures depth information with every shot and this can be used to alter the focus point and use multiple filters later. The camera can also record videos at high frames per second to get slow motion videos. The front camera is a whopping 5 megapixel snapper. Clearly HTC has the edge here as well.


We have seen here that the HTC One M8 has got slight edge over the Nexus 5 in almost every department. It has better built, better hardware, better camera, almost similar display and some new technologies. So the obvious response is that the One M8 is better. The question is if it would still be a better device when we put price in the equation. And the answer is no. even if we compare the 32 GB Nexus 5, there is a price difference of almost 17-18 K here and that is a big amount. If you are choosing the HTC because of better camera and audio, you can use the 18 K you save to buy a point and shoot camera and an iPod shuffle. Though if you are buying the HTC One for its looks and built quality, go ahead, we have nothing to challenge it.

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