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How to Make Your Website Look More Professional

It seems like every month, another company has experienced a devastating data security breach on their website. This has made the public a little more wary about who they choose to shop with online, and can you blame them? Customers need to feel safe shopping on your website, and poor design choices or a malfunctioning user interface can cost you conversions. If you want people to spend with you, you need to prioritize their trust. Be willing to go the extra mile to make the extra money.

Keep Your Design Clean and Clear

Outdated designs or designs that are difficult to interact with are off-putting to potential customers. If your website looks like it’s stuck in the past, viewers may get the impression that your business is no longer operational or never successful. Your site should be clean, modern, easy to use, and optimized with the modern consumer in mind. If it’s time to give your site a major facelift, you may want to consider finding a web designer on Gumtree.

Provide Thorough Information About Your Business

You can’t expect someone to trust you if they have no idea who you are. Provide easy access to background information about your company. Tell your “About Us” story in great detail. Post any physical addresses you have, as well as direct phone numbers and email addresses. If you’re up front about your mission and people know how to contact you, they’ll feel safer spending with your business. They’ll know that everything checks out, and see that your identity is verifiable.

Display All of Your Certificates, Awards, and Policies

Have you been featured in a major publication and received favorable ratings? Does your website have current security certificates? What is your privacy policy like? Show it off. Privacy policies are among the most important things to clearly display. Users want to know before they complete the call to action that their information won’t be viewed by any third parties. They want to know they’re getting only what they signed up for, and that their information is being securely submitted to you and only you.

Encourage Users to Investigate You

Allow your potential customers to view you on as many channels as possible. Clearly link all of your social networking profiles on your website. They’ll be able to see the fans you’ve accumulated and comments you’ve received. It’s important that you prioritize customer service on social media. If anyone was dissatisfied, users will be able to see how you responded and your proposed resolution to the issue. Your social media profiles make you appear more accountable and easy to access.

Stand Behind Your Product or Service

Maybe they’re about to go for the conversion, but they have some hesitation about what will transpire afterwards. What happens if they’re dissatisfied? Will they receive a refund? Is there a way they can try before they buy to make sure you’re the right fit? Offer a guarantee and a clear, brief, and honest description about how you intend to handle a customer’s dissatisfaction. People won’t sign up for a long term commitment unless they know it’s worthwhile in the end. You need to be prepared to meet their hesitation with a safety net, and you need to include exactly what that entails on your website.

The trustworthiness of your business will always lead to more conversions. No customer is willing to gamble with their money if they don’t feel as though the business they’re considering isn’t willing to provide them with the amount of trust they need in order to make them feel secure in their transaction. Always put your customers first when it comes to your website.

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