Plugin for WordPress Mobile Blogs

A Checklist of Design and Plugin for WordPress Mobile Blogs

Plugin for WordPress Mobile Blogs

When it comes to shaping your WordPress blog for mobile following a design that can help viewing the content is more important than just squeezing the content into a design perfect in pixel count. For a blogging website more focus on content is very likely and naturally the blog must be designed for reading. But how can you enhance readability for mobile devices? Check the following list plugin that can help you designing your perfect WordPress blog.

Social plugins

To let your readers quickly share the blog on social platforms you need provide a comprehensive social plugin that offer an array of social sharing locations. Here are the two social plugins picked by us.

  • Monarch is a great plugin for social buttons with an expansive range of social sharing locations and lot of customizable triggers.
  • AddThis is another good social media plugin offering support for more than 300 social platforms. Thanks to AddThis you can choose from various sizes and designs of icons from various plugins. Besides offering a customized design for social icons it also offers analytical data concerning the shared website content.

Plugins for blog post thumbnails

To offer links to the related posts is a crucial element that let a blog garner more views and traffic. There are some handy plugins to do that.

  • Auto Post Thumbnail is a helpful plugin that allows automatically adding thumbnails to old posts through the respective links of earlier posts.
  • Multiple post thumbnail is another great thumbnail plugin that allows assigning number of thumbnails to a single post.

Plugins for internal links

Linking a blog with other websites, blogs, articles and other resources on the web is a must if you want to enhance credibility and improve SEO ranks. Here are some really helpful plugins to do that.

  • Internal Link Building is a great WordPress plugin that allows users to contextually link to an array of web resources like blogs, posts, articles, media contents and other websites.
  • WP Optimize is another great plugin for optimizing the WordPress website through a robust network of internal links. This plugin allows focusing on particular keywords in linking the blog with other web resources and automatically linking to the web pages or posts.

Plugin for related posts

Like the thumbnail plugin related post plugin can support thumbnails of other published posts and also allows display of texts in other posts. Here below we have chosen 2 helpful plugins for related posts.

  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is one of the most popular plugin for related posts having downloaded 3.4 million times. It offers comprehensive support for both thumbnail and display of related post texts.
  • Yuzo Related Posts is another good plugin that comes loaded with an array of features like displaying last views, thumbnail views, inbuilt cache, etc. This plugin is very easy to set up and use even for the novices.

A plugin for recent posts

A blogging website should inform reader on the recent articles and blog posts on that site. This can help the user stay on the page for longer or come back in search of similar posts later. To show him the recent posts there are quite a few plugin options.

A plugin for posting comments

Encouraging users to post their comments help creating buzz for your blog and for this comment plugin for your blog is invincible. Here are some good options.

  • Disqus Comment System is a very popular plugin for posting comments. It also allows single user accounts.
  • Facebook Comments is a great comment plugin for only Facebook profiles. With this plugin you have the advantage of posting comments across different Facebook profiles and of avoiding spam.

Plugin for Author Bio

Author bio adds credibility to the blog and is an important part of blog copy. An eye catchy design that instantly grabs attention and overall compatibility with the website design is important. We can name here two good plugins.

  • Fancier Author Box plugin is good for enhancing readability, grabbing attention and goes well with variety of WordPress themes and designs. You can also customize the color as per the overall design.
  • WP Biographia is another great plugin for customizing the author bios for the blog posts, RSS feeds and others. The plugin also helps to show or hide the plugin as and when you require in certain posts.

Plugin for captchas

Captchas are essential for any website to filter out automated interventions from human actions. Here below we inform on some good captchas plugins.

  • Key Captcha is a great user-friendly plugin offering exceptional ease in login and comments besides offering a range of custom formats to use in WordPress blogs.
  • Word Filter Plus is another comprehensive captchas plugin to replace words and phrases in a post with your own words. Once downloaded, you can activate this feature by going to ‘Tools’ and then by going to the dashboard section entitled as “Word Filter Plus”.

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