[Infographic] iOS 9: Complete Feature List

A few weeks ago, Apple released iOS 9 as a beta version for public, this version can be downloaded by anyone. You can also download it and install it on your iPhone, iPad. Till now Apple has launched four variations of iOS 9beta and fixed the bugs and errors of previous variations.

iOS 9 is full of extraordinary features that can make your Apple device work better than before with a new range of operations. Here you can find a brief list of iOS 9 features:

  • Siri Advancements with spotlight search
  • Transit direction information in Apple Maps
  • Power saving mode that reduces the battery consumption
  • Higher security with 6 digit passcode instead of 4 digits
  • Car Play, it lets you connect your Apple device with your car’s stereo for playing music
  • Better notes app, now you can draw with scribble pad

The iOS 9 operating system has various features that you can find out the in the infographic below. This infographic is developed by Nine Hertz – An iPad app development company.

iOS 9 complete feature list

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