Organizational Tools You Must Have

Organizational Tools to Organize yourself

There’s plenty of stress in today’s business world and with the rise on entrepreneurship, more people have engaged in organisational management. Times of paper notebooks are long gone, and new technology offers you plenty of programs and applications that will help you with organizing business in your company and bringing your company’s productivity to the next level.

There are a lot of ways of organizing your work and employees. Thousands of software applications are available for helping you to get various things sorted out. Some are prettier than others, but what is important is their practicality and not the looks. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading about some of these useful apps, as they are conveniently listed below.



This is number one online management tool,  and it gives you the chance to easily connect with your colleagues and subordinates. It is made in Ruby on Rails framework and the company gives everybody the 60 days free trial period and for school teachers it is completely free.

It offers tasks that are given in the form of to dos which be sorted in special to do lists. All employees can communicate by its easy and functional messaging system and it also gives you the chance to use wiki-styled text documents, file sharing and time management.



This is the number one organisation programme that’s been around since 1993. Since this year it is also the industry standard spreadsheet application. It gives you the chance to make tables that contain cells sorted in columns and rows. Values from each cell are calculated through a few basic and several more complicated functions. It also gives you the opportunity of making pivot tables and doing “True or False” logical tests.

In the modern world knowledge of Excel became a necessity and this program is really easy to learn by attending some of many Excel courses you can find online.


This is probably the best time management application and it is very useful for coordinating your schedule with one of your clients, business partners and other employees. This application works like a personal assistant and it can send your schedule to your clients so they can decide on the appointment time.

In a way this application is similar to Google Calendar since it gives you the opportunity to make very creative reminders and to mark your appointments with different colors. The best tactics when choosing the reminder coloring is to set different colors for your work-related tasks, personal appointments and family obligations.


Organizational Tools You Must Have

Although this is an e mail service it also gives you plenty of opportunities to organize your business with it. Some of the most functional features of Gmail are rarely used by most of people. For example, unlike other mail services Gmail gives you an opportunity to flag important emails that require some kind of action with “Star” label so there is no way you’re going to miss any of those.

There are plenty of labels that helps you organize your contacts and messages and like with TimeDriver you can use different colors to mark different kinds of e mails. When it comes to routine messages you can use “canned response” feature that will save plenty of your valuable time.

Organizing your business is easier than it seems especially if you use some of these tools, modern businessmen can’t imagine themselves without. This way you will save more of your free time for the things and people you love and communication with your colleagues will be uplifted to another level.

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