recover lost data after computer crash

Recover Lost Data after Computer Crash by Using Professional Technique

Sometimes computer hard drives experience some form of data loss. Usually the cause of data loss is not major and easily fixable; though at times they could be completely irreparable. In any case, it is essential to note that any effort in the recovery of hard drive data come with the possibilities of causing damage to the hard drive which can result in permanent loss of user data and information. Once file get deleted permanently, then there is no surety that they can be recovered. Luckily, however you can retrieve lost data in many cases, for so long as you can follow necessary steps to recover it.

Some of the common hard drive data recovery issues are listed below:

  • Accidental deletion of files: This is one of the most common hard drive data recovery issue. When files get deleted, initially their content is still intact. And the space of hard disk where the files are stored now gets considered free space by the computer.
  • Unintentional formatting the hard drive: In case of formatted drive, lot of meta and administrative information is again initialized. There is no way of telling which files stored which data, and the computer finishes presuming that your files were stored one after another in clusters. If partition gets formatted again under different file systems or parameters in the same system, then it makes the task even more complicated.
  • Physical damage to hard drive: In case your hard drive makes unusual noise like grinding or clicking sound, quit using the computer and consult a hard drive recovery specialist.
  • Computer malware and virus: Viruses can be very dangerous and sometimes result in irrevocable damage to your system. For this reason it is necessary to have an up-to-date and active antivirus application installed on your computer.
  • Hard drive with unreadable sectors: In this scenario, you should clone your hard drive with professional data recovery software. Many users try to fix the problem by themselves without a complete knowledge of how to exactly recover their data and this makes things even more worst. If you have any doubts on how you should proceed, just safely shut down your system and consult experts of professional data recovery who will make necessary repairs and recover files and information before they are lost for good.

How easy it is to recover lost data

Computer data recovery can be difficult and sometimes need to take help of hard drive data recovery experts. But in all hard drive recovery scenarios, expert advice users remain quiet and not behave in a way which could make matters more worse.

Situations in which data most recoverable

You are likely to be able to recover data in the following situations:

  • Accidental file deletion caused by human error
  • Accidental file deletion due to common virus
  • Data loss on one computer due to virus “wiping” the hard drive

data recovery software

What sort of data recovery software is available?

There are several commercial as well as freeware tool available to perform file recovery yourself. One of the best data recovery software that is used by almost number of users is Windows Data Recovery Software which quickly recover lost data from computer. It is a complete professional data recovery software which recover lost data after computer crash and also proficient to recover data from computer hard drive. Follow few simple steps to recover data by using this software.

Highlights of Professional Data Recovery Software

  • Quickly recover deleted files and folders

  • Allow to recover data from unintentionally formatted drive

  • Recover data from deleted, missing or lost partitions.

  • Supports recovery of RAW partitions or corrupt partitions.

  • Instant preview of recovered files

  • Offers advance search option to search required files among all recovered data

  • Allows to save recovered data

  • Compatible with all version of Windows operating system including Windows 10.

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