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Best Mobile Trading Tools for 2016

Best Mobile Trading Tools Not a long time ago, people could only trade stocks, bonds, binary options and forex through regular brokerages, which were also offering market advices and expensively charging their services. Low-cost online brokerages brought real democracy to exchange markets, and now anybody can invest their savings into various market assets. Advance of
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5 Reasons to Build your Own Mobile App

Reasons to Build your Own Mobile App Businesses use mobile apps not only to enhance their productivity but also to collect their customer’s information, reviews and know the UX. Therefore, the company which uses mobile apps can grow exponentially. From last few years, ¬†android mobile apps have turned out as an integral piece of any
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10 Great Apps for Bloggers

Great Apps for Bloggers In a world of smartphones, smart TVs, and smart toilets (those are a thing, right?), traditional journalism is fighting an uphill battle to maintain relevance; blogging, on the other hand, soars high on the merits of technology and mass communication. As with any profession, the right tools are required for right
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