Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Sony Xperia C vs LG G Pro Lite

samsung galaxy grand vs sony xperia c

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Sony Xperia C vs LG G Pro Lite


The Sony Xperia C with its rectangular candy-bar form is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing one among these three smartphones. The phone weighs 153 grams and boasts of Sony’s trademark premium build quality and design. Also, this smartphone comes in three color variants: White, Black and Purple. The Samsung Galaxy Grand isn’t too far behind in the looks department. This hugely popular handset from Samsung weighs 162 grams and has a shiny plastic body. The edges are tapered with a metal strip and overall the design is strikingly similar to Samsung’s premium offering, the Note II. The LG G Pro Lite has a plastic body and weighs 161 grams. The LG G Pro comes in two variants: White and Black.
samsung galaxy grand vs sony xperia c


Both the Xperia C and Galaxy Grand have a 5 inch display while the LG G Pro has a slightly larger display measuring 5.5 inches. The displays of the Xperia C and the G Pro Lite have a resolution of 540×960 pixels while the Galaxy Grand comes with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. The Xperia C packs in a decent 220 pixels per inch while the G Pro Lite and the Galaxy Grand have pixel densities of 200 and 187 respectively.
samsung galaxy grand vs sony xperia c
Hardware & Connectivity

All three smartphones have processors clocked at 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM but for an enhanced multi-tasking experience, the Xperia C boasts of a quad core processor while the other two phones have dual core processors.  The Xperia C however has an internal storage of just 4GB while the other two devices have 8GB internal memory.

These three smartphones are all dual sim phones and have 3G connectivity. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc.
samsung galaxy grand vs sony xperia c
Software & Battery Life

Samsung’s Galaxy Grand and Lg’s G Pro Lite run on Android 4.1.2 while the Xperia C runs on Android 4.2.

The LG G Pro Lite has a huge 3140 mAh battery to compliment its large screen size . The Xperia C has a 2390 mAh battery and it also comes with Sony’s stamina mode which helps in increasing the battery life. The Galaxy Grand has a battery size of 2100 mAh which is just enough to pull through a day.


All three devices have 8 MP cameras with LED flash for low lighting conditions and Full HD video recording capability. The front cameras however, are not similar at all with the Samsung Galaxy Grand boasting a 2MP front snapper while the Xperia C has an unimpressive .3 MP front camera. The LG G Pro lite sits between the two with a 1.3 MP front camera.


The Galaxy Grand and the LG G Pro lite are both priced at around 18,000 in the market while the Xperia C is available for about Rs.20,000.

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