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Best Mobile Trading Tools for 2016

Best Mobile Trading Tools

Not a long time ago, people could only trade stocks, bonds, binary options and forex through regular brokerages, which were also offering market advices and expensively charging their services. Low-cost online brokerages brought real democracy to exchange markets, and now anybody can invest their savings into various market assets.

Advance of mobile internet and many different stock trading apps enable traders to carefully follow stock quotes and financial trends on every location and in this article we presented some of the most useful apps each trader should have on its smartphone.

1. AnalystRT

Not all traders listen to Wall Street analyst advices, but the ones who do will definitely find AnalystRT useful. This app provides its users with analyst ratings for several thousand stocks on different markets. It also gives the opportunity to traders to create watch lists for stocks they would like to buy. AnalystRT works on both Android and iOS and it costs only $2,99. Of course this app won’t be interesting to all traders, since there are also ones who rely only on their own judgment and don’t care much about Wall Street analyst predictions.


2. Bloomberg

Bloomberg Business is one of the most famous financial and business media portals and finally traders can enjoy an app that will provide them with 100% accurate real-time news and stock exchange stories. Other than domestic and foreign financial and business news this app also comes with an elaborate stock analysis with graphs and real-time quotes. App also alerts its users about breaking news and sudden stock quote changes with push-notifications.

Stock Guru

3. Stock Guru

This is another app that provides expert advice and analysis to its users. Stock Guru can only be used on iOS and it provides an elaborate analysis about more than 7,000 different stocks. Some of the parameters Stock Guru provides are:

  • Risk;
  • Momentum;
  • Financial strength
  • Proprietary rating- which sums up all stock data into one figure;

Only downside of Stock Guru is its price of $19.99, so it is only suitable for trading professionals and it is hard to imagine a real trader with an iPhone who doesn’t have Stock Guru icon on its screen.


4. 24Option

24option is one of the most reliable trading platforms and now it also comes with well-designed and fast iOS and Android app. 24option is the number one binary options broker in the world. Their app enables users to do live trading, which means that every order is dealt with in real-time. App also provides real-time news, analysis and upgrades. Users can easily review their trade history and economic calendar, and there are also notifications that alert them about important news and big stock market changes.



Twitter is great for reading real-time news. In the same way StockTwits is one of the best trader’s community apps that enables its users to read other traders’ opinions in real time. Both amateur traders and some of the most respected names in trading industry post their opinions analysis and predictions here. App also comes with large set of texts, charts and videos that provide great technical analysis. StockTwits is the app where traders can pick up some great tips and learn a lot from more experienced experts from their industry.


6. FuturesLive

This is a very simple app, and that’s what makes it so ingenious. It is made exclusively for commodity traders and it provides them with huge variety of future commodity quotes. The app follows several major exchanges and divides its stock quotes into several different sectors, like: livestock, energy, metal, etc. Other than that, this app doesn’t do much. Unlike regular stock trading apps it doesn’t track your portfolio or give you notifications about breaking news. That’s one of the reasons why the app works very smooth and without a single bug.

Digital age provides us with plenty of tools that can improve all aspects of trading, from finding the right information, to following the latest trends on all world markets.

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