Unethical Methods to be avoided for Getting Reviews for Your Business

Getting Reviews for Your Business

Unethical Methods to be avoided for Getting Reviews for Your Business

With the growth of social networking and mobile web, consumers have gained a huge power of rating services provided by different businesses and hence, provide an option to choose a reliable service to other consumers. Customers engage in posting reviews, feedback and comments related to the services of a business on the official as well as third-party sites to warn other consumers about their credibility. However, there are a number of methods available to be followed to remove ripoff report against your business by dealing with negative reviews. Many businesses follow the route of posting and raising the impact of positive reviews for their services to get a better rating, while there are a few unethical methods available for the same. You shouldn’t follow any non-natural route to gain a benefit, which can lead you to a worse situation as search engines have declared a war against non-legit sources of information. Below given are a few unethical methods that are commonly used by business owners to gain reputation and should be avoided to gain a natural benefit.

  • Do it Yourself: Many business owners involve in posting positive reviews for their services on their own or take the help of their friends or family members to attract positive ranking. This method is considered to be inappropriate and can lead to a reduction in your business rating, once the relation of the reviewer with the business owner gets revealed. So, you must avoid asking your personal contacts to post some positive reviews, rather let your customers decide where you stand and try to improve on your services to gain better feedback.
  • Get Paid Reviewers: This is another unnatural method in use by several business owners, where they pay to get positive reviews posted for their business services. This method is again considered as unethical as the reviews are not provided by real customers, who have dealt with the business to write down their feedback. This method is strongly recommended by search engines as inappropriate, which can lead you to a poor ranking.
  • Bribe Your Customers: There are many businesses that are involved in offering a bribe in the form of discounts or other offers to their customers, who post positive feedback for their services. This is another inappropriate method that is similar to paid reviews with the only difference that here real customers are paid to post positive reviews for the business. Being a non-natural approach to get a better feedback, this method can also lead your business to an unfortunate situation.
  • Mislead People: Asking customers to post their feedback is considered as an ethical approach, until the customer is not forced to post anything else than an honest review. Business owners involving in misleading their customers regarding their service or other related things, compelling them to provide a positive review are likely to end up losing their business credibility.

So, if you wish to have a better rating for your business, you should avoid following any of the above given or other unethical approaches to attract better ranks, which can turn down your business for the worst of all.

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