Traditional and Digital Marketing Why Combining Them is Important

There’s no shortage of innovation in the marketing world. However, the market is constantly changing alongside customer expectations. Nowadays, it’s more difficult to land a sales pitch or to market a product than ever before. The main reason is that the market is constantly growing and the number of marketers increases as well. That’s why marketers need to put in extra effort to create something that hasn’t been seen before and offer something unique to the customers.


Nevertheless, marketers mostly focus on digital marketing because it offers more opportunities and more flexibility in creating good campaigns than traditional marketing. But, the true potential lies in the combination of the old school and new school. After all, traditional marketing still has its unique ways of attracting customers, while digital marketing opens new doors for promotions. Here are a few reasons why combining traditional and digital marketing is important.

Every customer counts

In the business world, having as many customers as possible is the key to success. On the other hand, in the marketing world converting as many leads as possible into customers is the key to success. Every business depends on effective marketing, because otherwise, they have no way of reaching their target audience or promoting their offers.

However, when your target audience consists of both online and offline customers, you can’t simply focus on only digital or traditional marketing. Instead, you have to use both or, better yet, the combination of the two and bring your entire audience together for a single promotion. Focusing on only one marketing method results in the loss of customers and no matter how large or small their numbers may be, every customer counts.

Traditional marketing helps gather people online

Almost everyone has access to the Internet these days. However, some people don’t like to spend as much time online as others. These people are called offline customers, but they still use the Internet and can be found on social media, although rarely compared to others. That’s where traditional marketing comes into play to remind offline customers about the happenings online.

Marketers reach out to offline customers using TV ads, specialized segments in brochures or magazines or they utilize reliable printing services to create customized printed ads and send them via mail. That way, marketers make sure that their offline customers receive the message on time, instead of hoping that they’ll catch it when they’re online.

Digital compliments traditional marketing

Traditional marketing has the potential to reach offline customers, but there are difficulties when trying to engage with the online customers. For instance, brick-and-mortar stores that rely on traditional marketing to promote sales and offer discounts, may have difficulties attracting and engaging with customers that prefer to do their shopping online.

Online shoppers still have to visit a retail store every once in a while to try out clothes, for example, but they also expect the same quality of service and personalized content like with online promotions. However, with the use of digital marketing methods, retail stores can gather information needed to provide the best customer experience for online shoppers and customize their store as well as their merchandise for a more personalized experience.

Builds customer loyalty

Combining traditional marketing with digital marketing isn’t just meant to cover both offline and online audiences but to build relationships with customers on all levels. Customer loyalty is important to every business and satisfied customers have a higher retention rate. By combining the marketing methods, businesses can stay in touch with all of their customers and find ways to keep everyone engaged.

Moreover, offline customers will appreciate the fact that the brands haven’t forgotten about them and that they’re still committed to offline customers, while online customers will be happy to be reminded of their favorite brand even when they’re not online. That way, brands are able to establish and maintain a relationship with their entire target audience, regardless of their online or offline presence.

The Internet and the technological advancements have opened new doors for marketers around the globe. This made marketers focus on digital marketing, while leaving traditional methods in the dust. However, the true potential lies in the combination of traditional and digital means, to produce truly amazing marketing campaigns that will suit everyone.

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