7 WordPress Development Tips for Developers

WordPress is perhaps the most useful and powerful content management system available on the global Internet. In today’s modern and digital age, this platform is extensively used by numerous people, who tend to build a solid online presence and prosper in online business.

There are several WordPress developers who are minting money and earning a great reputation by delivering the WordPress development projects on time with quality. But, WordPress development demands a lot of time, determination, energy and efforts from the side of developers. It’s not an easy work as considered by many WordPress developers. If you also want to make a big name in WordPress development and offload your work pressure, you need to use some of the best practices, used by leading developers. A few useful tips and suggestions are listed here below. Just scroll down and go through.

1. Use Child Themes and Plugins

There are many WordPress developers (especially newcomers) who consider themselves as the jackal of all trades in WordPress development soon after leaping into the field and they tend to modify their core theme files quite often. This is a serious mistake made by them as all of changes may go in vain after an upgrade.

In order to avoid this problem, you need to create the child version of your themes and Plugins. This helps you to keep your changes safe and you can easily upgrade whenever you want. The process of creating a child theme can be utilized to develop a child Plugin too.

  • Precaution

It’s true that WordPress offers several Plugins for use, but it doesn’t mean that you should use all of them. If you Install more Plugins on your site, they will make your site bulkier and slow. A slow website is not liked by search engines and users. Don’t overdose on your site (with Plugins) and use only those that serve your site’s purpose. In order to manage Plugins installed on your site, you can use Plugin organizer.

2. Updated with the Latest Trend

As a WordPress developer, you need to be aware of the latest developments taking place in the WordPress world. If you don’t know the latest trend in WordPress development, that could affect your development projects because of the lack of the knowledge.

To avoid this, you need to visit some of the WordPress development blogs regularly to keep yourself up-to-date for WordPress. Just read the blogs of other people, write your own blog and comment on other’s post actively. It will help you to gain a lot of knowledge from the successes and failure of others.

3. Make the Site’s Security Your First Priority

Online hackers and bully elements always try to hack your WordPress site (because of its immense popularity) and spoil your online reputation. You need to update your site from time-to-time and use the latest version of the WordPress. Take all possible steps that can improve your site’s security, including the use of security plugins.

4. Make sites fast with Caching

It is important for a developer to take all possible steps to increase the speed of WordPress websites. There are a number of hosting services that automatically offers WordPress caching. You can choose any of them as per your choice and budget.

All those who are running their site on a VPS server with root access, Google PageSpeed can be a right solution. You can also go for a free CDN/Firewall/Caching system, Cloudflare and caching Plugins to make your site load faster on all devices.

5. Use WordPress Development Tools

As WordPress is extensively used by a large number of people, developers have to endure tremendous pressure of WordPress development projects and come with the right solutions for their clients in a quick fashion.

In order to ensure both quality and quantity in your development assignments, you may use WordPress development tools that could help you to speed up your work in an easy way and relive your workload easily up to a great extent.

6. Learn WordPress Coding Standards

As WordPress has a number of products (such as themes, Plugins, templates, etc), there are many developers who find writing, editing and maintaining CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP codes- a troublesome task. If you want to gain the full command over WordPress development, sooner or later, you need to acquire at least basic knowledge of that.

Beginners may feel problem while coding, but they don’t need to get disappointed. Take the help of an experienced WordPress developer in case you face troubles to write codes. For a developer, it is important to remove unnecessary code from sites. If you do so, the important content on your site will move up on the page and pages will load quickly.

7. Learn WordPress APIs

WordPress developers need to learn numerous WordPress APIs necessarily. Don’t try to memorize all functions and features in APIs, but, learning it will help you know what WordPress provides to its users.

By this way, whenever you face a problem in WordPress development and you don’t know how to solve it, you easily come to know what facilities can help you to sort out the problem easily and quickly.

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Emily Benson, a WordPress enthusiast and a Web Developer. She is currently employed at HireWPGeeks Ltd. and managing all PSD to WordPress conversion projects. She also loves to write WordPress and Web development related tutorials.

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