Guest Posting: 5 Things to keep in Mind

Guest Posting

Guest Posting: 5 Things to keep in Mind while Posting

Guest posting is the most important factor in SEO for marketing of your website. Sometimes if any of the clients rejects your post you feel bad and tired. To search someone is tedious tasks. Today I will let you know some basic quality tips that will make your effort lesser and your posts will be accepted easily soon. You can even compare what mistakes you make so that your posts are not accepted. Below are the 5 things you should keep in mind before approaching somebody for guest posting.

Guest Posting

  1. Content should be fresh and unique
    Always come up with the fresh article and not with the outdated one for the guest posting services. Your article should be 100% unique and never be posted elsewhere. The content should be innovative and not reproduced. Duplicate contents are always rejected as the site might get infected by the penalty by Google. The content should also be correct in spellings and grammar.
  2. Image Can Describe A Lot
    Using images in your post makes the post more attractive. More visitors will be influenced to read your article. An image can make a boring article also. Your article might be identified by the picture sometimes when the visitors visit your site. Do not use the copyright images. So try to make your article little crafty and make it more interesting.
  3. Always Write On The Blog’s Niche
    Always write the content related your site. The article should describe what the niche of your website is. If you approach someone for guest posting and want him to accept your article than the article should be according to the subject of your website. For example if you own a fashion blog then write the article related fashion or lifestyle and approach it for related sites. If you write articles about cooking than it will be rejected automatically.
  4. Be straight forward.
    Write on the topics point to point that is described in the title. Don’t write the article beyond the title niche. Always write the true and correct things in the article. Readers should never feel the article is wrong. Write in a language that is understandable by all. There shouldn’t be any grammatical mistakes
  5. Author Bio
    At the end of the article always write an author bio that describes the writer’s real identity and the work what he does and for which sites do their work.  Basically if you don’t write an author bio it will work but you will not get the credit of the article writing. It even helps others to find out for writing articles for someone else websites.

So keep these small things in mind so that when next time you approach for your guest post it is easily accepted and you don’t need to make much effort. These are the basic tips for the free guest posting. Follow these steps and I am sure that next time there will be yes for your article. Enjoy your guest Blogging.

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