How to Install a Sound Card

A good sound card will improve the audio performance of your computer, making multimedia tasks such as gaming, listening/producing music and watching movies a lot more enjoyable. Most computers’ come stocked with a relatively mediocre sound card, and a lot of the time you may need to upgrade to achieve the quality of sound you are looking for. In this tutorial we will tech you how to install a new sound card on your computer. Anyone should be able to follow along with ease.


The first thing you need to do is read your sound card’s user manual, and become familiar with both your new and old sound card. You’ll also want to ensure that you have the correct drivers before you being the sound card installation. Generally these drivers can be found on the CD that came with your sound card, or alternatively you can download them online via the manufacturer’s website. Static electricity presents a real danger anytime you are installing new chips in your computer, so make sure you are wear an anti-static wristband for the duration of the installation. Also avoid doing this on a carpet or while wearing synthetic clothing such a sweater. Anything that can cause static electricity should be avoided.

Installation Process

1. Removing the Old Sound Card

{Note: In some cases the computer may not even have a sound card and the speakers just plug directly into the motherboard instead. If your computer is like this then you can skip ahead to the next step of course.}

The first thing you’ll need to do is turn off your PC and remove all chords including the power chord. Now unfasten and open the computer casing, and locate the old sound card. Disconnect the CD-ROM sound cable that is plugged into the jack on your old sound card. {Note: your computer might not even have this cable at all}. If your computer does have this cable make sure you release any clip that is securing the cable in the jack gently, as yanking it out will damage the jack. Now unscrew your sound card from the PC’s sound card frame and remove it gently from the motherboard by pulling it out as straight as possible. {Note: You may have to gently move the card form right to left to pry it loose, but be sure to do so with caution so you don’t damage your computers motherboard.

2. Installing the New Sound Card

Now you will be inserting the new sound card in the same slot that you removed the old one from. If you did not have to remove an old card then simply pick an empty slot and remove the slot insert to use that slot with your new sound card. Be sure that the card is facing the right way before inserting. Now attach sound card’s to the CD-ROM drive. If your card did not come with a cable or the cable does not fit then you can contact the sound card’s manufacturer to order a cable that will fit. Gently screw the sound card into the frame but be careful not to over tighten the screws. Now connect the speakers and any other cables needed. Carefully close the computer case and tighten all of the screws. Finally, plug your computer in and turn it on and it should recognize the new sound card! Windows should automatically install all of the necessary drivers, but be sure to insert the CD that came with your sound card when you power up the computer. Congratulations you have installed your new sound card.

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