How to Recover Photos from Virus Infected Memory Card

How to Recover Photos from Virus Infected Memory Card

Viruses are the programs that can create issues with the storage device and make the files corrupt or inaccessible. The Internet is the main source of the virus, and when your system is running on the Internet, there is always a high risk of virus attack. A virus infected internal or external storage media can lead to data loss. Especially when you are using a memory card, you may lose you all photos and other media files stored in it. If you format it, it will also remove your photos with the virus. Mostly we use to scan our infected storage device with good anti-virus programs like Kaspersky to recover deleted photos from virus infected memory card. These antivirus programs are developed to detect and remove the wrong piece of code and faulty programs that are harmful to your computer or storage media. You can get and read review of a premium antivirus, Kasperksy from here. At times, during the course of scanning, antivirus may find your photos suspicious files and remove them resulting in deletion of crucial data or may create shortcuts.

Most Common Cause of Folders to Suddenly Convert in Shortcuts

Have you ever faced such problem that your some folders became short cuts? If yes then let me tell you the main reason of such problem is malicious software or a virus. When you check the properties of the shortcut folder, you will get to know that it is pointing to a 0x29ACAAD1.exe file, which is detected as a Trojan virus by any antivirus program.

Photo Recovery Options in Virus Infected Memory Card

To repair and restore hidden files, you can use Command prompt in Windows operating system. There are some manual processes available from where you can view your photos from external storage media. Here are the steps

  • Connect your pen drive to your system via USB port
  • Go to ‘Start’ and Click Run and type CMD and press Enter Key
  • Now, find the storage drive name which is connected with USB port
  • Type the name of your drive and press enter, for example if you typed G then command prompt will show G:/
    how to recover photos from virus infected memory card
  • Now type attrib -s -h /s /d *.*, and press enter and wait for few seconds
    how to recover photos from virus infected memory card
  • Now, check your drive, you will be able to see your lost files along with the bas shortcut folders
  • For more security, you can copy those files into another place on your computer. Now, format the memory card and run an antivirus program. After cleaning of memory card, you can again copy all the file and folder again into the memory card.

Other Recovery Options

If the above process will not work for you and the damage is quite deep, then you have to use Professional Photo recovery software. There are many professional Photo recovery tools available online.

To mention a few

  • Pandora Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software
  • Zar( Zero Assumption Recovery)
  • Undelete 360
  • PhotorRec

I Tried Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software, and found it quite reliable. The software can recover deleted photos from virus infected memory card, Digital Cameras, and Internal & External Drives. As this is the recovery software, you have to first format the memory card and then you can run the software in your system. The USP of the tool is its accuracy and storage capacity, over 2TB. Remember that formatting a disk will remove all the existing files on the SD card; however, you can easily recover them all with the recovery tool.

Follow the following Instructions to recover Lost Photos from Virus Infected Memory Card

  1. Go to Start menu → My Computer, here you will see an icon on your memory card, right click on it
  2. select ‘Format’ option, do not select quick format and run the complete process of formatting
  3. Now, download and install Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software on your computer.
  4. Run the photo recovery tool and select ‘Recover Photos, Audio and Video’ and it will land you to the second window
    how to recover photos from virus infected memory card
  5. Now, choose drive for recovery and go for Scan process
    how to recover photos from virus infected memory card
  6. You can also select the advanced option, in which you can select or deselect the different types of photo extensions
  7. When scanning its completed you will see all the recovered photos and other media files listed in a tree structure in the left side pane of the window.
    how to recover photos from virus infected memory card
  8. Here you can view all the files listed after scanning. In this window you can select the files after you preview them and save them from ‘Recover’ button.
    how to recover photos from virus infected memory card
  9. Now, you can browse the location to save photos

Tips to Prevent Your Memory Card from Being Infected with Virus

  • Avoid to connecting Micro SD card to too many computers, especially those systems which are not familiar
  • Perform regular antivirus scanning of your system daily or weekly
  • Keep multiple backup of your data

Causes of Virus Infection in Memory Card

  • The Card is running on the virus infected computer
  • Copied virus with other file at the time of data transfer from other sources

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