iPhone 6s Accessories that Make a Difference

The iPhone stopped being a regular smartphone years ago. Today it is a multi-tier work platform and a status symbol. And just like any other status symbol, it needs to be adorned in accordance with its reputation. With the arrival of the iPhone 6s model, the number of accessories seems to have grown in an unparalleled way. So, let’s find out more about the hottest iPhone6s accessories on the market. 1

Long-lasting power supplies

First and foremost, do not succumb to cheap battery chargers made by barely known companies. Being the most popular smartphone in the world, the accessories for this model are also among the most copied ones in the world. It is true that the original Apple chargers cost a bit more, but you should still stick to those genuine products on account of the warranty features and safety reasons. However, if you want to try something different or add it to your original charger, go for one of the portable USB chargers. They can come in pretty handy when you are away on business or on a vacation. Read about the most affordable deals in this review of power banks for 2016, brought by PC Advisor.

iPhone 6s – phone gaming at its best

The newest iPhone is much more powerful than most of the desktop computers from the end of the 2000s. It is a real treat for gamers, since App Store has also published some outstanding games suitable for the iPhone 6s for free; more about them here.

When it comes to iPhone gaming accessories, the Homido VR headset could be a pivotal point in the way smartphones are used for gaming.  It raises the whole gaming experience to a much higher level, so true gamers will go for Homido.


Shield in case of emergency

With the prices of the iPhone 6s in the USA ranging from $650 to $850, this little fellow appears to be a pretty expensive gadget. This is why it is important to protect it, so as to avoid exposing it to the risks of being scratched or broken. The easiest way to stay away from damaging your phone is to buy an iPhone case. Cases have gone a long way from mere protective shields to real artistic pieces. Again, original cases for the iPhone 6s will suit perfectly while those produced by third parties should always be double checked. Moreover, if your iPhone 6s or any other model breaks down, check these iPhone repairs pros – iPhone Doctor to take care of your beloved gadget as quickly as possible. 

Music on the go

Since iPhones are more popular with younger population, it is necessary to get equipped with proper music gadgets, as well. Probably the trendiest and most useful accessories for smartphones in general are wireless mini speakers. They perfectly fit to every high school rucksack, so that they can be always brought with you wherever you go. Their manufacturers offer a deeply personalized approach, to meet the refined taste of their young customers. For instance, the Klipsch Gig speakers boast with their deep bass sound quality. On the other hand, the Divoom Voombox set is among the loudest pair of speakers on the market. You can learn more about best portable mini speakers here.

Almost everybody can afford an iPhone these days. However, it takes taste and style to decorate it in accordance with its value. Follow our tips, but also do some research on your own, to make your iPhone 6s or any other iPhone model stand out from the crowd.

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