Is The New Apple iPhone 5c The Perfect Handset For You?

Is The New Apple iPhone 5c The Perfect Handset For You?

new apple iphone 5c

Apple has tried to do something a little differently this year because they’ve released an iPhone aimed at the cheaper end of the market. This means anyone who was scared to spend so much money in the past will now be able to own an iPhone without relying on versions already years out of date.

You obviously have the people who think it’s a terrible idea, but on the whole the new iPhone 5c has been well-received. If you’re thinking about getting a new phone in the future we can take a look at some of the reasons why the 5c might be the phone for you.

A sleek new design

Apple has finally reverted back to plastic with the release of the 5c and they say it’s because they wanted to get the color of the new handsets just right. That would have been impossible had they stuck with metal and glass, so polycarbonate was the solution and it doesn’t take anything away from the phone. There is still actually a steel frame inside the polycarbonate and it also acts as an antenna, but luckily it makes the handset feel very sturdy to hold.

Better camera software

The camera built into the iPhone 5 is unbelievable and you’ll get the exact same one inside the 5c. This is great news if you’re still stuck on an older version of the iPhone, but maybe not so great if you already have the last model. It sets itself apart from the iPhone 5 camera because the software built into the phone is superior. There are lots of extra features including lots of built-in filters and it also has improved face detection and video stabilization.

A speedy performance

The performance of the phone is perfect and it won’t lag behind when you’re using it. The only trouble will come in the future when more app developers start building 64-bit apps. It means in the future you might find it difficult to use more powerful apps. One great thing you’ll find on the 5c is the multitude of wireless connectivity options at your fingertips, and the handset will support up to a whopping 13 LTE bands.

Superior battery life

There will always be the occasional time where you forget to charge your phone and with the older iPhone handsets the battery might have ran out, but the battery inside the 5c lasts longer. Even though Apple is only telling everyone there is a slight improvement in battery life it will feel much better for you on a day-to-day basis. One reason the handset doesn’t draw as much power when it’s sitting in standby mode is because of the latest iOS7 software.

The overall score

If you don’t mind spending more money you’re better buying the 5s, but the 5c is definitely a worthy adversary. We’ve touched on some of the great features and we’ve also looked at some of the reasons why it’s not perfect. Now you just need to weigh up your options before you make a final decision about what handset is the best one for you.

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