Citrix XenServer Microsoft Windows “No audio devices are installed” Error

Microsoft Windows Virtual Machine’s created on Citrix Xen doesn’t have Audio Drivers installed on it. You have a application which requires sound drivers and when you check the sound options from Control Panel (through RDP) it shows message “No Audio Device are Installed“.

Following are the steps to enable sound driver/devices on a Windows VM created using Xen Virtualization Platform

  1. Login to the Server through RDP.
  2. Go to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Terminal Services. Double click on “Terminal Services Configuration“.

  3. Now on Central Panel, right click on “RDP-Tcp” >> Properties

  4. RDP-Tcp Properties” Window will open

    Go to Client Settings tab and you will see that “Audio” option will be checked, un-check and press OK.

  5. You will see following popup message stating the changes can’t be applied to current user session.

    So, logoff and login again to reflect the changes. After relogin you will able to see the Sound Device.

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