Lenovo P780 Review and Specifications

lenovo p780 review

Lenovo P780 Review and Specifications

The Lenovo P780 has had a pretty good reception so far and looks to be a rather good and well built phone. It is fast with four processors and nobody has noted any big flaws or bugs yet. To start with, you may like to note that it has WAV ringtones and it can play MP3 both as a way of listening to music and as a ringtone. It also has Vibration alerts and a loudspeaker plus a 3.5mm jack. You can play modern sounds without any problems, which means that your phone may become your own little MP3 player, especially if you purchase headphones to go with it too.

What is the Lenovo P780 connectivity like?

To start with it has ESGE and GPRS. It will also run with HSDPA and with HSUPA speeds. It is a WLAN device that uses Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. It also has dual-band which includes Wi-Fi hotspot. It comes with v3.0 of Bluetooth, and it has USB on-the-go, and a regular USB as well as the microUSB v2.0.

The Lenovo P780 is a dual SIM device. It has both 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900, and the 3G Networks HSDPA 900 / 2100 networks. This means you have a lot of ways of getting online and a lot of ways of moving your files on and offline too. It also means you have a few ways of getting your files off of your phone with more manual measures.

The display on the phone

You will find that the Lenovo P780 has a nice five inch screen. The dimensions are a little bigger, but that is because the dimensions of the phone are for the outside of the phone (not the screen), plus TV, phone and tablet screens are measured diagonally. A five inch screen is just right for a phone, making it not too small nor too big.

It has a capacitive touch screen that is IPS LCD and its display has 16M colours. The pixel count is a rather nice 720 x 1280 pixels with a reasonably decent 294 ppi, which is the pixel density. Most Smartphones have multi-touch screens, and so does the Lenovo P780. The touch screen is also very responsive too, meaning that there is no touch-to-action lag.

The Lenovo P780 operating system

IT runs on the Android. It currently has v4.2, which is the Jelly Bean version. The processors are the Chipset MTK 6589 with a Quad-core CPU 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7. The four processors run at a reasonably good 1.2GHz. The GPU (graphics processor) is the PowerVR SGX544 processor.

The weight of the phone

By modern standards it is a pretty heavy phone at 176 g. That is a weight of 6.21 oz in American weight measurement. It is not actually heavy by any stretch of the imagination or description. But, modern phones have a habit of being under that weight (mostly), so it is on the heavy side by their standards.

But, to feel it in your hand you would not notice the difference. The slightly heavier side of it is due to the fact that it has a fantastic battery capacity, and the battery is often the thing that weighs the most. It is also quite often the biggest internal component of a phone.

What is the memory like on the device?

It comes with 1GB of RAM. This is a massive amount when you consider that there were days less than ten years ago when a PC only had 13GB of memory. The Smartphone itself has 4GB of hard drive memory, as well as a bunch of USB measures you can use to transport your files from your phone to your desktop computer.

The MircoSD card also means that you may move your files more easily. It also allows you to expand the memory of your phone up to 32GB, which is more than ample amount for something such as a phone. The high amount of RAM is good because it means your Lenovo P780 phone is a lot less likely to freeze up on you.

The dimensions of the Lenovo P780

It is 143 mm x 73 mm x 10 mm. That means that in America it is 5.63 inches x 2.87 inches x 0.39 inches. The means that the phone is a pretty decent size. A screen that is over five inches is always good. If you start getting to six and seven inches then it becomes too big, and people who are shorter than six feet start having trouble putting it in their trouser pockets.

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