Movavi Screen Capture Review

Even if you have never actually recorded a video directly from your screen in the past, you’ve probably seen some videos that were created using screen capture. Nowadays it is fairly common to find video guides and tutorials in particular that were created with it, mostly due to how suitable it is.

However what you may not be aware of is the fact that screen capture is useful for a lot more than that as well. In much the same way screenshots are a useful way to grab an image from your screen so that you can refer to it later, screen capture can do the same – which is why people use it to record Skype calls, and even save online video streams to watch offline.

Of course if you want to accomplish any of that you’re going to need the right software – and Movavi Screen Capture should be at the top of your list.

Beginner-Friendly Yet Powerful Screen Capture


Essentially Movavi Screen Capture does exactly what you would expect and will act as a display recorder that can record anything and everything that happens to be on your screen. However it isn’t so much what it does that makes it unique, but rather how it does it.

Rather than adopting a technically-oriented approach that would make it complicated and difficult to use (as all too many software titles often do), Movavi Screen Capture is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive instead. In fact it is so easy to use that you can start recording by simply launching the software, resizing and positioning the capture frame, and clicking the ‘REC’ button.

To add to its appeal, Movavi Screen Capture pulls no punches and allows you to control pretty much every recording parameter you would need to. Aside from setting the capture frame it will also let you configure the frame rate, select the audio source and even set it up to capture any keyboard and mouse actions.

All throughout the time that you’re recording with Movavi Screen Capture you can manage the process by using the convenient hotkeys that are available. Also you will be able to set a timer to automatically stop the recording, so that you don’t have to ‘babysit’ it and wait to manually stop it when it is done.

In short, if you’re looking for a no-frills and easy-to-use software that will allow you to record videos directly from your screen without any hassle then Movavi Screen Capture should be perfect for your needs. With it you will be able to quickly set up and start a recording and when you’re done can just as quickly save the video with the help of the presets that are available too.

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