Nokia X / Nokia Normandy Specs (Cutting-edge) and #Features Roundup

nokia normandy specs

Nokia Normandy Specs and Features

The alleged Android based Nokia Normandy; Nokia X rumors have been leaked and it has been recently showcased in the listing bequeathed by major online retailer website; Vietnam. However, the listing does not reflects any vital stuff such as pricing and Malaysia release dates, but it did not show the pictures and captures the screen of smartphone along with a few tech features and specs. There has been a plethora of features such as dual-core 1 GHz Snapdragon 200 processor and much more. Apparently, Nokia X will going to use a forked version of Android that bestows the access to Google Play, Google Now, YouTube and other Google platforms that may appear strange in accordance with Microsoft and Nokia alternatives. However, various online listings can be the placeholder for other stuffs   with the healthy pinch of the salt.

Nokia Normandy X bequeathing specifications:

Rumor has revealed that the handsets might be coming with the amazing features such as lock-screen notification. It was said that it has to be packed within the video calling apps such as Skype and Viber. Its connectivity options will be revolving around Sensor, GPS, Wi-Fi, Edge and Bluetooth. Additionally, the phone supposedly features a 4-inch FWVGA screen with the resolution of 480*854 pixels.

There is also a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with a 2100 mAh battery that are collectively known as mode that power the device. They are driven by the RAM of 1GB. Nokia had prepped its handset with the in-built memory of 4 GB that can be expanded externally up to 32 GB by employing microSD card. The handset has also believed to host the 5-MegaPixel primary camera along with a VGA front facing snapper.

Nokia Normandy will offer a pocket-friendly deal?

The expected Nokia Normandy can be an Android Smartphone that can head for the low cost Asha line. However, hardware tech specs have not been revealed, yet the report indicates that it may be employing the forked version of Android that will not be employing Google Services. It might be a possibility that Nokia will be incorporating their own services instead or there might be Microsoft, but implementing this may allow the entire smartphone apps. It may be surprising, but this has been leaked by serial leaker, but there is no such news that when and how Normandy will be launched in Malaysia. Microsoft may restrict their move and can introduce a free version of Windows Phone.

What is Nokia Normandy UI?

nokia normandy specs

This may sound you a bit weird, but you might be also confused that how Nokia Normandy can work on Android operating system from Google. Basically, this smartphone may be either a smartphone that may be able to boot twice or there may be some error. Obviously, who is aware of the fact that Normandy is a device that may be running a forked version of Android. This may be translating to missing out the Google Play Store as well as Google branded apps and can be modified in a way to have a look close to Metro UI styles start screen. This also makes it akin to a Windows Phone. Who knows? The Nokia Normandy may vanish up as a “Trojan Horse” by the folks over Microsoft.

Normandy’s Coat in striking colors:

nokia normandy specs

Nokia Normandy can have the coats in many colors and it seems as if Nokia will not going to stop whipping out variety of colors for its other upcoming handsets and Nokia Normandy will also going to be part of this trend. It may appear like the very popular; Nokia Lumia 520, but will not sport another Windows phone logo that may be found on other Windows devices. There is also another missing button that includes dedicated camera button, capacitive buttons and LED flash as well. Nokia Normandy is also expected to arrive in different colors; definitely there are many choices that may be compared to its former version which may used to be on Windows platform. These colors may be white, bright green, blue, red and it may also be black.

So, all such specs and rumors might have boosted your level of excitement for Nokia Normandy or Nokia X. All the Nokia lovers are looking forward that it will definitely fulfill the expectations.

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