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Sony Xperia M2 – What makes it unique?

Sony has done wonders with its Xperia series, among its new additions is the Xperia M2 smartphone. It is not just a smartphone, but the best piece in its segment. The design structure is identical to Xperia Z2, but unfortunately the waterproof feature is absent. Xperia M2 was displayed at the biggest event of mobile
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Can HTC beat the Mobile Competition?

HTC, the Taiwanese Smartphone giants seem to carry a jinx. With all those innovative technologies and top notch products, they always fail to live up to their billing. Every time they  pop up with something spectacular but sadly never accompanied by a rave public response. HTC should consider some marketing overhaul and also take measures
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Mobile updates- Tweet Away!

It has become vital in today’s world to stay connected and updated all the time in order to survive. It is not possible for man to live in seclusion but the amount of connection that is required and the need to keep up with what is happening has become a race, of which all try
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