SEO Myths

SEO isn’t only link building, let’s move ahead from such myths!

For a decade, there is a myth about SEO services that it is only used for link building, but believe that’s not the whole purpose of implementing SEO services on your website. Search Engine Optimization is more than just link building and it’s time to move ahead from such SEO myths.

SEO myths

There are lots of SEO myths exist in the technical industry related to SEO. Such as:

  1. It is only a link building task nothing else”. This is the biggest myth that ruined the efforts of optimizers and makes them depressed. But in reality, SEO needs a lot of mental stability and forward thinking to create a brand for your business and that’s not possible with only link building. Optimizers need to do content optimization, content marketing, online reputation management, digital marketing, etc.
  2. Anyone can do SEO”. Another myth that demoralises optimizers is their less importance. People think that anyone with a knowledge of computer can do SEO and there is no need of technical or analytical knowledge. But in reality, without a mature thinking or analytical experience, no one can do SEO.
  3. SEO optimizer is like a data operator”. This myth ruined all efforts of SEO service providers. But in reality, there is no pre-define method exist to get more visits, more organic searches and more online reputation. To get those results, the analyst needs to think beyond the lines and do more than a data operator.

These are the major myths that bound an analyst to think over their work. But those are not least because there are a myriad of SEO myths exists such as: it is for leads, business and for revenue generation, there is no need to hire an SEO service provider for a website, etc.

Well, if we look behind 3 or 4 years or at the time of SEO beginning, we could say that with a link building strategy, we could earn more visibility online. But nowadays, it can be a negative strategy and it can harm more than the good.

With the time, webmasters of Google continually update their algorithms to provide more relevant search results to the users. It limits the efforts of all optimizers, but gives more accurate results to users.

So, avoid link building strategies, if you only rely over it and move forward with content distribution and digital marketing techniques to provide high quality SEO services.

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